About the School

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Humanities & Social Sciences is one of the youngest, liveliest & most prestigious schools of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. It has been established with the vision of providing holistic development of students through various teaching and research programs in the field of Humanities & Social Sciences. It constantly encourages students to explore their own intrinsic qualities and enhance their talent through quality teaching and research. The school has an interdisciplinary approach to teaching & learning that integrates human values and social ethics in higher education. Apart from school-specific Undergraduate, Post-graduate & Doctoral programs, the school offers various core and elective courses to the students of other schools including School of Engineering, School of Commerce & Management, School of Law & School of Pharmacy.

The regular academic and extra-curricular activities organized by the school offers a unique exposure to the students as they get ample opportunities to interact with international delegates, celebrated academic & literary experts during various initiatives taken by the School. The school has diverse and seasoned faculty members with significant exposure & rich teaching experience. The team comprises experienced mentors with corporate and industry training experience as well so that the students are made future-ready.



The Department of English aspires to be recognized as a department of global standing for holistic development of students in language & literary courses and research so that they become humane, professionally competent & future-ready while being sensible to moral & social values.


  • To train students to achieve Linguistic & Communicative Competency in English for personal & professional growth.
  • To develop and deliver courses and research programs that equip students with the requisite language, literary and life skills to meet contemporary needs and job situations.
  • To offer opportunities to explore literature and language across cultures.
  • To prepare students for life and to make every student humane and ethical.
  • To cultivate intellectual curiosity, aesthetic sensibility, creativity and the desire for lifelong learning.



The department of Psychology aims to make significant contributions to the science and practice of psychology through the holistic approach of combining theoretical & practical aspects to produce professionals who will sensitize the mental health of the people and will serve the local, national and global communities.


  • To promote human development, learning and well-being through high quality education and research both within and across disciplines.
  • To nurture students to become intellectually competent through scientific studies of human behavior, emotion and thought.
  • To cultivate collegiality and career development of students.
  • To internalize in students the core values of empathy, compassion, rationality and care to deal with self and other’s mental health and well-being.

Programs Offered:

  • Undergraduate Programs
    • A. English (Honours)
    • A. Psychology (Honours)
  • Post-Graduate Programs
    • A. English
    • A. Psychology
  • Doctoral Programs
    • D. English
    • D. Psychology
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Programs
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling*
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology*

List of faculties

Department of English:

  • Anand Prakash Pathak, Associate Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences and Associate Professor & Head, Department of English
  • Priya Raghav, Associate Professor
  • Hanan Khalid Khan, Assistant Professor
  • Rashmi Maniar, Assistant Professor
  • Lavanya Paluri, Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology:

  • Manisha Singh, Assistant Professor
  • Sneha Narayan, T.A.

Our Strengths:

  • Seasoned Academicians with rich experience
  • Highly qualified team: Specialized teaching in both English Language & Literature
  • Research Oriented Teaching/Learning:
  • Quality research & publications in SCOPUS/UGC Care journals & book chapters/book publications by faculty members
  • Research Publications by students
  • Faculty with Industrial/Corporate Training Experience in companies like Hero Moto Corps, Mahindra & Mahindra, BPCL, THDCIL, UJVN Ltd.
  • Training for IELTS, TOEFL, UGC-NET, BEC, Bank PO, Indian Defence Services etc.
  • State-of-the-art software-based English Lab
  • State-of-the-art Psychology Lab with latest tools/equipment/tests
  • Learning Outcomes based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for Academic & Research Excellence
  • Student-Centric Courses with Innovative Curriculum for holistic development
  • Employability & Career Goals: Special Training Sessions for Placements (Final Year Students)
  • Special counselling sessions for children with special needs.
  • General Counselling sessions.

Career Prospects:

  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Writer, Author
  • Translation Specialist
  • Public Relations
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Rehab Psychologist
  • Child Counsellor
  • Psychologist
  • Professional Copy Writing
  • Publishing
  • Education Policy
  • Research
  • Event & Brand Management
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Rehab Counsellor
  • Special Needs Counsellor

Faculty Profile



To be a School committed to promote Science and humanities exploration and Education for attracting young talented students to contribute effectively in augmenting the national pool of human resource who are responsible citizens and have respect for life and sensitivity towards environment.


  • To strive to maximize human welfare through Science and humanities education and develop scientists who have right attitude and aptitude to explore life and contribute to the Society;
  • To develop and maintain state – of – the – art infrastructure and research facilities to enable create, apply and disseminate knowledge;
  • To create inter-disciplinary research environment;
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge who have deep respect for human life and values; and
  • To prepare students who are capable to take up their future educational and career challenges.

HOD's Desk

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences was established with the vision of imparting skill-based courses in English and Psychology and endeavours to form well-rounded individuals who are future-ready. The programs and courses by the school are designed in such a way that they fulfil both the ephemeral as well as the timeless needs of the students so that they have the prerequisites and the much-needed skills to grab their dream job. The school also believes in inculcating human values, professional & social ethics that make our students desirable as individuals.

The School has two departments viz. English & Psychology and provides excellent infrastructural support for carrying out quality research as it is equipped with a state-of-the-art software-based English Laboratory, a Psychology Laboratory and a well-stocked Department as well as Central Library. The departments follow OBE and LOCF for better student experience and focuses more on faculty and student research. The faculty members have been contributing to the field of research by publishing quality papers in UGC Care/SCOPUS indexed journals, books, book chapters and presenting papers at international level conferences. Our students add feather in our cap by contributing to research through quality publications in reputed journals. The Department has a number of research scholars with specialization in major areas of literary studies like Diaspora Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Translation Studies, Feminism etc. and communication studies.

Diversity and inclusivity are two major strengths and we foster a community that is free from intolerance and discrimination.

I look forward to receiving your extended support in making Lingaya’s a brand and a chosen institution and would like to welcome you all to a personally exciting and professionally enriching journey at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. I once again invite you to join the Lingaya’s community – choose to know….choose to grow!

List of Activities -SOHSS

Sl. No. Name of the Activity Date Details No. of Participants
1 Workshop on International Women’s Day in collaboration with ndrf 8 Mar. 2021 Invited External Expert Lt. Colonel Aditya Pratap Singh,NDRF 250
2 Book Review Presentation 15 Mar. 2021 Presntation based on Book Reviews 50
3 Symposium on ‘World Water Day’ 7 Apr. 2021 Symposium to spead awareness on Water Scarcity and Judicious Use of Water 30
4 Story Narration Competition 22-मई-21 Competition on Story Narration Skills 34
5 Poster Making Competition 22nd  May 2021 Poster-making Competition by students from all schools on varied themes 54
6 Webinar on ‘Gender Bias and Stereo-typing, Gender Equality and Women’s Rights’ 28th  May 2021 Webinar on ‘Gender Bias and Stereo-typing, Gender Equality and Women’s Rights’. Invited External Expert: Dr.Fauzia Khan (Jamia Milia Islamia) 44
7 Jashn-e-Azadi _T-Shirt Painting Competition 14th  August 2021 Celebrating “Azadi Ka Amrit Matotsav” – Cash Prizes for Students across India. 72
8 Talk Show – Disturbance, Disorder, Disease-Covid Pandemic 21 Sept. 2021 Under the aegis of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, Ministry of Ayush, an initiative of MHRD, Government of India, to spread awareness about the Covid Pandemic and its aftereffects amongst the general public Live Talk Show
9 ‘Nukkad Natak’ on World Mental Health Day 10-अक्तूबर-21 “Nukkad Natak” was held at “World Street” Faridabad to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health All students of Deptt of Psychology & English
10 Spandan-A pre Diwali Cultural Programme 29-अक्तूबर-21 A Cultural Bonanza for all Vidyapeeth Students on the eve of Deepawali 132
11 Single use Plastic’ Awareness 12-नवम्बर-21 Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
‘Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign’. An awareness program on Single Use Plastic by students and faculty members across vidyapeeth and nearby market places
12 Children’s Day Celebration 14 Nov. 2021 Celebrations on the eve of Children’s Day in Vidyapeeth Auditorium – All Faculty & Staff. It was conducted to celebrate childhood. A Cultural show was organized wherein the students showcased their talents in singing, dancing, poetry /shayari narration etc. All Students & Staff
13 Webinar on ‘Children Ideas , Rights & Nutrition’ 30 Nov. 2021 Webinar under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Matotsav, and theme by the Ministry of Child and Women Development.
Dietitian & Nutritionist – Ms .Ritu Bhatia
Psychologist- Ms Garima Gupta
Legal Expert: Adv Durgesh Bakshi
14 Awareness Rally on “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” 3rd December 2021 An Awareness Rally followed by Street Play by students at ‘World Street” Faridabad. A special performance by “Prerna”, a specially-abled child 70


Lab Name Equipments Lab Location
Chemistry Lab-I Reflux condenser (16), Colorimeter(2), Distillation Plant (2), Spectrophotometer(1), Flame Photometer (1), Electrical Balance(2), Digital Balance (2), D.O Meter (1), Magnetic stirrer (2), Hot Plate (5), Melting Point Apparatus (2), Piknometers (21), Oven (2), Redwood viscometer (1), Turbidity meter (1) K-413 A
Chemistry Lab-II TDS meter(2), Flash Point Apparatus (1), Cloud Point Apparatus (1), Water Testing Kit (1), Drop Point Apparatus (1), Conductivity meter(2), Jar Apparatus/ Flocculator (2), Muffle furnace (1), Boiling Point Apparatus(1), Oven (1), Refrigerator (1), Redwood viscometer (1), Distillation Plant (1), Potentiometer (1), Semi micro kit for salt analysis(1), Thin Layer Chromatogram(2), Centrifugation Machine (1), Ostwald Viscometer (06). K-413B
Chemistry Lab-III Distillation unit (01),Water Bath(02), Muffle furnace (1), Boiling Point Apparatus(1), Oven (1), Refrigerator, Redwood viscometer-II, Potentiometer (1), Semi micro kit for salt, Boiling Point apparatus (01), Melting Point apparatus (01), Magnetic stirrer (01), Conductivity meter (01). 402
Physics Lab-I B.H. Curve Apparatus (2), B. Galvanometer Lamp & Scale (1), Bi Quartz Polarimeter(3), Calendar Barns Apparatus (3), Calendar Griffith Bridge(2), Carey Foster Bridge(2), De-Sauty Bridge(2), Diffraction Grating 15000 Line Per Inch(8), Electric Vibrator(1), e/m by Helical Method(2), Field along axis &Stewart Gee’s Apparatus(2), Function Generator 1 Hz to 100 Hz(2), Hall effect Set up(2), Four Probe (In/As) [Complete set] (2), Ionization Potential Kit(1), Lee’s Disc Apparatus(1), Post Office Box(2) , Tetrode Valve Apparatus(1), Thyatron Valve (2021)(2), 403A
Physics Lab-II Light Filter (YBGR) for Planck’s Constant Apparatus(2), Microscope for Newton’s Ring Apparatus(3), Photo Valtic Cell ( Complete Kit)(1), Planck’s Constant Apparatus(2), Sodium Vapour Lamp(9), Spectrometer(7), Spherometer ( For Newton’s Ring)(2), Spectrometer Prism (Dense Type)(2), Telescope for Resolving Power(3), Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus(2), Fresnel Biprism 50x 40 mm(2), Solar Cell(1), He-Ne Laser(1), Optical Banch(2), Travelling Microscope(2), Photo cell(1), Mercury Vapor Lamp(4), Prism(4), Michelson Interferometer(1), Numerical apperture of optical fiber (1), Hydrogen Spectrum setup (1) 403B
Physics Lab-III Flashing and Quenching of Neon Bulb Apparatus(3), Stop watch Digital(7), Keter’s Pendulum (1), C.R.O(1), Millimeter (Digital) (7), Transistor Characteristic Kit (PNP/NPN)(2), Pendulum(5), Rectifier Kit(1), Stokes’s Law Experimental Setup(1), Newton’s Law of cooling(2), Varnier Caliper’s (4), Screw gauge(4), Soldering Iron & Past Box(2), Tuning Fork(2), Sonometer (2), Fly wheel(3), Maxwell Needle(3), Torsional Pendulum(2), Inclined plane setup(1), Parallelogram experimental setup(1), Inertia Table(2), Measurement of Temperature using RTD(2), Measurement of Temperature using Thermocouple(1), Ballastic Galvanometer setup(1), Resonance Tube apparatus(1), Bar pendulum(1), To determine the value of Boltzman’s constant using forward characteristic of diode(1), Absorption spectrum using Iodine vapour (1), Stefan’s constant complete with power supply(1), 404
Communication Lab 30 computers with updated software of language is available in Communication Lab 3105
Applied Numerical


30 computers with updated software is available in ANM lab 3204

Scheme & Syllabus

Admissions Open for 2022
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