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Outstanding education; practical training; expertise in choosing a career. That is what Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is committed to.With the vision of emphasising an encouraging environment to provide our students with an excellent education, we focus on their overall development. We understand that the continuously changing social landscape and fast pacing industries require highly skilled professionals who are up-to-date with all the whys and the how’s, as well as, the what’s. That is why our students are taught using the constantly updating curriculum with a holistic approach.

Saying that we focus on our student’s overall development without creating a balance in providing them with equal opportunities in both, academic and non-academic domains would be defeating the entire purpose. So, good thing that to strengthen the pillars of our academic domain, we don’t just have a continuously updating curriculum but also highly qualified and experienced faculty members who firmly believe in knowledge creation and dissemination.

To strengthen our non-academic domain and to encourage our students to show active participation in extra-curricular activities, we create an environment and opportunities that help them demonstrate Lingaya’s culture and ethics.The track record of our alumni’s achievements proving their calibre in different spheres of the industry is a testament to the success of our holistic approach.

So, let us be the helping hand on your journey to a blooming career. Because the opportunity to become a part of the emerging cultural and virtuous professionals doesn’t knock on your door every day.

Join us!

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