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Mandatory Disclosure

Anti-Ragging Committee (Download) download
Approve Intake (Download) download
ARC 2022 (Download) download
Bacup Electric Supply (Download) download
Barrier Free Env (Download) download
Digital Payment (Download) download
Elctric Grid (Download) download
Fire & Safety (Download) download
Food Safety (Download) download
General Notice Board (Download) download
Group Accident (Download) download
ICC 2022 (Download) download
Ind-Inst Interaction Cell (Download) download
Ind-Inst Interaction Cell-1 (Download) download
Ind-Inst Interaction Cell-2 (Download) download
Internal Complaint Committee (Download) download
IQAC Committee (Download) download
IQAC Composition 2022 (Download) download
Mooc-Architecture (Download) download
Mooc-Civil (Download) download
Mooc-CSE (Download) download
Mooc-ECE (Download) download
Mooc-Education (Download) download
Mooc-Humanities (Download) download
Mooc-Law (Download) download
Mooc-Management (Download) download
Mooc-Mechanical (Download) download
Mooc-Pharmacy (Download) download
Mooc-Sobas (Download) download
NAD (Download) download
Notary-1 (Download) download
Notary-TER Charge (Download) download
Potable Water (Download) download
Safety & Security (Download) download
SCC (Download) download
SC-ST Comittee (Download) download
SC-ST Committee 2022 (Download) download
Sewage Disposal (Download) download
SGRC Committee 2022 (Download) download
Sport Faciliities (Download) download
Student Counsellor (Download) download
Student Grievance Redressal Committee (Download) download
Weather Approach (Download) download

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