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Prof. (Dr.) M.K Soni
Prof. (Dr.) M.K Soni


It gives me great pleasure to announce that on the occasion of our upcoming 26th Foundation Day,
Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is releasing a Policy Compendium. This compendium is a comprehensive collection of policies and guidelines that have been developed to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution and provide a safe and conducive environment for all our stakeholders.
The policies included in the compendium cover a wide range of areas, including human resources, finance, operations, research, academics, student affairs, and more. We believe that this compendium will serve as a valuable resource for our faculty, staff, and students, as well as for our partners and stakeholders outside of the institution.
The compendium is a reflection of our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. We have designed these policies to provide clarity, consistency, and fairness in decision-making, and to help us achieve our goals and objectives.
It is my privileged to express my gratitude to Honorable Chancellor for support and leadership in the development of the Policy Compendium for Lingayas Vidyapeeth. As Pro Chancellor, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the dedication and hard work that went into creating this valuable resource for our institution.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you for your support and contribution to the development of these policies. We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated team, and webelieve that this compendium will serve as a testament to our collective achievements.

We encourage all of you to take the time to review the policies and guidelines included in the compendium. It is our hope that this compendium will help us all work together more effectively and efficiently to achieve our common goals.
Thank you for your continued commitment to Lingayas Vidyapeeth. We look forward to celebrating our achievements together.

Warm regards,
Dr. (Prof.) M.K.Soni

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