Best Private Law College in Faridabad, Delhi NCR

Lingaya’s is a leading law college in Delhi NCR offering BBA LLB - Bachelor of Legislative Law course to students who desire to enter in the field of judiciary and law. Those who are passionate to become a lawyer, advocate, law officer, law lecturer, or enter the judiciary system can pursue the course. We are among top private law colleges residing in Faridabad that prepare candidates with an intrinsic comprehension of the law, in addition to the analytical, critical and strategic thinking ability which are imperative for the field of law.

The Curriculum is designed in order to allow ably understanding of Indian legal system and is comprised of a total of 6 semesters that encompasses subjects such as Family Law, International Law, Taxation Law, Torts Law, Constitutional Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Human Rights Law, International Economic Law, etc. Apart from the curriculum, we also organize regular seminars, moot court sessions, and internships where candidates get an opportunity to work alongside senior advocates who are representing their clients in front of the court. This will help scholars to develop their problem-solving, stress management, communication, and judgment skills. This law institute in Faridabad also trains students in order to give them a clear apprehension of the balance between the Legislation, the Executive, and the Judiciary.

After passing out BBA LLB from this renowned Law college, students can also opt for various specializations in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Corporate or Business Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Cyber Law, Intellectual and Patent Law, Constitutional and International Law, etc. Aside from this, we will help our students find employment in government and private services, legal outsourcing, writing journals, reports, articles and much more.

The central objective of Legal Studies programme is to sensitize and apprise the budding lawyers of the functioning of legal systems and their effectiveness in contributing to the governance processes and development goals. Many of the venerable leaders who fought and won freedom for our country belonged to the legal profession.

Legal studies explore the relationship between law and culture and the problems of an effectively multicultural society have made this discipline increasingly relevant.

The Lingaya's School of Law offers 3 year LL.B. Programme, 5 year integrated BBA-LLB Programme and one year LLM programme. These Under Graduate Programmes are intended to impart intensive knowledge in law Subjects with added Social Sciences subjects and help the students to acquire professional application with intrinsic knowledge of social issues. The one year LL.M. programme provides the opportunity to the students to equip themselves for active participation in different fields. We adopt multidisciplinary approach towards the legal education and develop a positive attitude in students to make them realize that the lawyers are the intrinsic part of the system, and make them able to qualify judicial services, commissions and other public, private and government sector. Techniques of learning include lectures, case study based learning, group discussions, moot court competitions, seminars and internship etc.

Lingaya's school of law has a great learning environment to study law. Its library has vast online and hardbound resources for extensive research. The legal aid cell and research centers give impetus to societal responsibilities and research skills of students and faculty members. Legal skills are not only taught through co-curricular activities but also by making them as an internal component of evaluation in the teaching learning process. Every course is designed to achieve the vision and mission of the School of Law with full dedication. The outcome of each course is measured to find out the success percentage achieved in delivering that course.

HOD's Desk

"A lawyer's duty is to read the law well himself, then tell the people what it is, and let them act upon it."


Welcome to the Lingaya's School of Law

In the fast changing global scenario and fierce competition in legal world, particularly in the developing countries like ours has changed the mind set of young generation. The competition has forced students to look beyond horizon without leaving any stone unturned and search for new opportunities.

Under these circumstances, the Lingaya's University felt the need to establish Law School to provide highest quality professional legal education to face the new challenges and dimensions of the internationalization of legal profession.

Lingaya's school of law offers a great learning environment to study law. Its library has vast online and hardbound resources for extensive research. The legal aid cell and research centers give impetus to societal responsibilities and research skills of students and faculty members. Legal skills are not only taught through co-curricular activities but also by making them as an internal component of evaluation in the teaching learning process.

In Lingaya's School of law the law will be taught with a combination of the best traditional and modern methods of both textual and practical studies. With a perfect balance of academics and extracurricular activities, we ensure that our students will have knowledge of law as well as essential moral values. We are dedicated to provide innovative and high-quality opportunities for our students to acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for entry and success in the professional practice of law. A team of distinguished Judges, Legal Practitioners and Consultants, Social Activists, Corporate Counsels, and Faculty Members of law schools across the country would intimately nurture the talent of the students.

With this we look forward for a great and rewarding career ahead.


To create center of excellence in the field of legal education and research, with social responsibility to reach out to the all sections of the society through our legal service programs.

We aspire to promote multi-disciplinary inquiry and create in our students the practical appreciation of the socio -legal problems facing the country.

We will also endeavor persistently to work towards developing our intellectual assets; the faculty by exposing them to global legal practices which will ultimately get translated into their teaching.


  • To make Lingaya's School of law a premier institution of legal education globally and nationally vibrant.
  • Achieve National Reckoning by meeting the growing and emerging needs of Industry.
  • To make the students socially responsible citizens with a positive attitude.
  • Shape the Futures of Budding lawyers through teaching, training, Research & Consulting.
  • To empower every individual student with knowledge and Confidence.

    Moot Court is a mock appellate advocacy experience that helps law students develop the :-

  • strong writing and oral advocacy skills
  • intellectual flexibility
  • the ability to function well under pressure; and
  • the self-confidence necessary to be successful advocates.
  • Moot Court activities will be the thrust area of Lingaya's University. The University strive to integrate the theoretical and practical exposure by conducting regular and compulsory Moot Courts. The University has a huge Moot Court Room. The Moot Court Room is competently equipped with the modern infrastructure and facilities. The students will be trained to improve their analytical , research and writing skills which would aid them to be successful in their careers.

      Dr. Radheshyam Prasad
    Radheshyam  Prasad
    • Educational Qualification:Ph.D
    • Designation:Professor & Associate Dean
    • Specialization:Criminal law, Corporate law and Tort law
    • Location:Nachauli, Faridabad
     Ms. Anjali Singh
    Anjali Singh
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Associate Professor-Visiting
    • Specialization:
    • Location:
    • Email:
     Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Tarkar
    Vishwajeet Singh Tarkar
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:
    • Location:
    • Email:
     Mr. Ish Preet Singh
    Ish Preet Singh
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Intellectual Property Rights, Contract Law, Human Rights, Right to Information, Family Law 1
    • Location:Faridabad
     Ms. Prachi Awasthi
    Prachi Awasthi
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Criminal Law
    • Location:Faridabad
     Ms. Divya
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Criminal Law
    • Location:Faridabad
     Ms. Shrabani Kar
    Shrabani   Kar
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Corporate law and Animal welfare law
    • Location:Faridabad
     Mr. Rajiv Kumar Jha
    Rajiv  Kumar  Jha
    • Educational Qualification:LLM
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Environmental Law
    • Location:Faridabad
     Dr. Wasim Ahmad
    Wasim   Ahmad
    • Educational Qualification:Ph.D
    • Designation:Assistant Professor
    • Specialization:Labour Laws
    • Location:Faridabad

    Computer Center

    Lingaya's University campus is Wi - Fi enabled to meet the growing challenge of Internet usage and E- learning. The Computer center is fully equipped with enough number of computers with Internet facility to provide students with ample opportunities to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge


    The education of law require developing an interest in reading. To inculcate this habit of reading University manages well equipped library which includes collection of multiple authors on all subjects , latest and complete set of A.I.R., I.B.R., S.C.C. along with National and International Journals.

    SCHOOL OF LAW (Approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi)

    The School of Law was established at Lingaya’s University in 2016 to impart quality legal education. LL.B. three years course, BBA-LL.B five years course and LL.M one year course have been approved by the Bar Council of India.

    The School offers following courses/programmes:

    (1) BBA LL.B. – Five Years Integrated Course

    (2) LL.B. –Three years course

    (3) LL.M. – One year Programme

    (Corporate Law and Constitutional Law groups)

    One can either pursue a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation in any discipline or a five-year course after X+2 examinations, leading to a BBA-LL.B. The School at Lingayas University is committed to provide conducive environment for students to learn both theory and practice of Law. With a view to produce world class professionals, scholars and academics in Law, we are equally devoted to meet the challenges of globalization. The faculty and the administration work in tandem to achieve the objectives of imparting legal education and to motivate and facilitate the students to become honorable citizen of the nation.

    BBA LL.B. Career Opportunities

    BBA LL.B. is a very prosperous career for those who want to learn about the management subjects along with law. You can work with all corporate sectors and business firms. You can find opportunities in different areas. You can work as legal advisor, law reporter, legal assistant, lawyer, etc. You can opt for courses on corporate law, acquisitions, mergers, etc after BBA LL.B. to find better career prospects.

    This program aims to create a brand new race of Corporate Lawyers who would not only understand the intricacies of business but be equally well-versed in the nuances of Corporate Laws and Regulatory Affairs.

    You will gain valuable insights in both the business functions like finance, human resource management, marketing, international business and corporate laws in the fields of Banking, Corporate Governance, Investment, Competition, Insurance and Mergers and Acquisitions.

    LL. B. Career Opportunities

    Career Options after LL.B. has always been a popular career option in India since a long time. Interested individuals who dream of making a carrier in law can go for a three year law course right after graduation in any discipline. The Law Courses/Programmes are highly job oriented. A Law graduate, either BBA LL.B. or LL.B. is having many options. He may apart from doing law practice in any court may opt for following jobs.

    a) Judicial Magistrate/Officer

    b) Executive Magistrate/Officer

    d) Legal positions in National and Multinational companies.

    e) Legal positions in banks and various commissions

    f) Prosecuting and Assistant Prosecuting Officers

    g) Legal adviser for various organizations

    h) Public prosecutor or services to government departments and ministries

    A person may opt for research and teaching job in additions to above positions after completing LL.M. programme. The School of Law is committed to provide:

    a) Highly qualified faculty.

    b) Strong linkage with Industry, Law Firms, Corporate Business Houses, Senior Advocates of High Court and Supreme Court.

    c) Emphasis on clinical legal education NGO’s etc in order to acquire insight into social and legal issues and challenges.

    d) Visits to the Courts, State Commissions.

    e) Programmes of LokAdalat, Legal Literacy Camps, NukkarNatak, Seminars, Conferences.

    f) Student's participation in National and International Moot-Court competitions.

    g) Regular lectures by eminent Judges and Advocates of Supreme Court and High Court.

    h) Individualized attention for our students.

    i) Research centre of legal education.

    SCHOOL OF LAW (Approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi)

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