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Top LLM College in Faridabad, Haryana, Delhi NCR

The best Master of Law (LLM) University in Haryana offers a high-class set-up of legal education and training. LLM or Master’s in Law is a 2 years postgraduate Course pursued pursued after LLB which stands for Bachelors in Law or any equivalent degree with any academic law or professional degree. Some authorities call LLM as the basic professional degree to get admission into legal training. Our approach to the teaching coalesce views and experiences from diverse disciplinary traditions and authorities. Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary major that engages the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. It is one of the standard career choices that not only lets you practice as a lawyer in the courts, but also opens up career options in sectors like corporate, legal services and administrative services. Masters in Law is known by all national and international law companies.

No. of Seats 60
Years 2
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Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 LLM-101 Research Method & Legal Writing 5
2 LLM-103 Comparative Public Law 5
3 LLM -105 Law & Justice in a Globalizing World 5
4 CRM- 107 Comparative Criminal Law 5
5 CRM -109 Criminology And Penology 5
6 CL-107 Company Law- I Basic Concept of Company Law 5
7 CL-109 Company Law- II Laws relating to squeeze outs in India 5
7 HR-107 Constitutional Governance of Human Rights in India 5
7 HR-109 Concept & Human Rights & Duties 5
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 CRM -102 Criminal Justice Administration 5
2 CRM-104 Victimology 5
3 CRM -106 Criminal Procedure under the Evidence Act 1872 5
4 CRM-108 Other Selective Criminal Law Acts 5
5 CL-102 Corporate Governance 5
6 CL-104 Law relating Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 5
7 CL-106 Competition Law & Consumer Protection 5
8 CL-108 International Trade Law 5
7  HR-102 Human Rights : General Protection in India 5
8  HR-104 Minorities and Weaker Groups in India 5
9  HR-106 Gender and Juvenile Justice in India 5
9  HR-108 Religion, State and Religious Liberty in India 5
9  LLM- 110 Dissertation** 5
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-201 Corporate Law 4
2 BL-205 Law of Crime –I (IPC-I) 4
3 BL-207 Labour & Industrial Law-1 4
4 BL-209 Property Law 4
5  BL-211  Interpretation of Statutes 4
6 BL-251 Internship-I 1
7 BL-253 Moot Court-I 1
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-106 Family Law-II 4
2 BL-108 Constitutional Law-II 4
3 BL-210 Law of Crimes-II (IPC-II) 4
4 MG-202 Organizational Behavior 4
5 BBA LLB-210 Strategic Management 4
6 BL-110 International Law 4
7 MG-204 Entrepreneurship Development/td> 4
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-306 Banking & Insurance Law 4
2 BL-303 Law of Evidence 4
3 BL-201 Corporate Law 4
4 BL-208 Civil Procedure Code, 1908 including Limitation Act,1963 4
5 MG-305 Cost Accounting 4
5 BL-313 Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing 4
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-311 Jurisprudence 4
2 BL-304 Information Technology & Cyber Laws 4
3 BL-209 Property Law 4
4 BL-308 Human Rights Law 6
5 BL-202 Code of Criminal Procedure 4
6 BL-104 Environmental Laws 4
7 BL-351 Internship-I 1
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-207 Labour & Indutrial Law-I 4
2 BL-307 Taxation Laws 4
3 BBA LLB-405 Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid & Para Legal Services 4
4 BBA LLB-407 Investment & Competition Law 4
5 BL-305 Trust, Equity & Specific Relief Act, 1963 4
6 BL-211 Interpretation of Statutes 4
6 BL-252 Internship-II 1
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BL-302 Intellectual Property Rights 4
2 BL-206 Labour & Industrial Law-II 4
3 BBA LLB-406  Socio Economic Offences 4
4 BL-212 Arbitration, Conciliation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems 4
5 BL-204 Law relating to right to information & Media law 1
5 BL-352 Internship-III 1

Career Prospects

  • Advocate
  • Legal Consultant or Legal Associate
  • Legal Document Reviewer
  • A Magistrate or Judge
  • Notary
  • Oath Commissioner
  • Trustee

Why Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth?

Established in 1998, Lingaya’s Group is one of the fastest-growing educational groups in India. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth Faridabad is one of the best institutions in the NCR. We provide a wide range of courses and career options to its students. Our vision is to be the best private university in the country especially in Delhi NCR by providing students with a curriculum that imparts appurtenant understanding and essential skills to develop in their chosen fields. The students can choose various courses from various disciplines including B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Tech., BBA, BA LLB, M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.Tech., MBA, and many more along with various Diploma courses. Our faculty of all the disciplines are well trained and experienced in the field to guide the students better. At Lingaya’s, learning is through Innovative Teaching Methodology, International Collaborations, Hands-On Experiences and Industry Partnership. This type of learning process provides a 360-degree development of the students preparing them for the corporate world. The campus is cleaned and well maintained with an excellent infrastructure providing facilities like canteens, laboratories, library, smart classroom and many more. Also international collaborations and industry partnerships provide a very good placement opportunities for the students to create a vibrant and colourful future.

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