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Why practicing law is a noble profession

Why practicing law is a noble profession

The legal profession is often referred to as a noble profession because lawyers are tasked with upholding and ensuring that justice is served. Lawyers are trained to interpret and apply the law, advocate for their clients, and maintain ethical standards.

The law is essential to maintaining a just and equitable society, and lawyers play a critical role in upholding the law and ensuring that individuals and organizations are held accountable for their actions. Lawyers also provide a valuable service to their clients, helping them navigate complex legal systems and protecting their rights and interests.

In addition, the legal profession has a long history of public service and advocacy. Many lawyers use their legal skills to serve their communities and promote social justice, working on behalf of disadvantaged groups or advocating for important causes.

Overall, the legal profession is considered noble because it requires a commitment to justice, a strong ethical code, and a dedication to serving others.



Ms. Shilpa Sharma

Assistant Professor 

School of law

April 19, 2023

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