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Mr. Vimal Kumar Khanna

Founder & Managing Director – mCalibre Technologies

Startup & Innovation Cell and Deptt. of CSE

Vimal Kumar Khanna is the Founder and Managing Director of mCalibre Technologies. He has 39 years experience in the software industry. He is a globally recognized technology and management expert, with multiple global honours to his credit. He is listed in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World” for his contributions to Computer Science Technology and to Project Management domains. He has served as Technical Editor of “IEEE Communications” (invited honorary position) for 19 years. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization and “IEEE Communications” is the official global publication of “IEEE Communications Society”. His sole-authored Technical papers have been published in global leading IEEE/ACM refereed journals and conferences. His work has been widely cited by the technical community, including on Linux Open Source Community Website.

He has multiple sole-authored Management publications in global leading management magazines and conferences. Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s largest professional organisation for Project Management professionals. He is a frequent speaker at all PMI Global Congresses – North America, EMEA and APAC. He has been interviewed for multiple issues of “PM Network” magazine, the official global publication of PMI. He is sole author of Amazon #1 Best Seller management book published by global leading publisher – Taylor  & Francis, USA. He is Professor of Practice with Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth where he teaches industry-oriented courses to Computer Science & Engineering students to prepare them to be hired by the industry and be able to navigate the challenges of working in the industry. He is also managing the student startups in the institute incubation centre, to develop innovative products that can capture the markets.


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Management Publications:

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– Listed in “Marquis Who’s Who in the World”

– Technical Editor of “IEEE Communications”, the official global publication of “IEEE Communications Society”

– Work cited on Linux STREAMS Open Source Community website as one of the five global seminal papers on STREAMS Kernel

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