The upcoming College Tech Fest - Innovation fair
The upcoming College Tech Fest

The upcoming College Tech Fest

The upcoming College Tech Fest is eagerly awaited and will celebrate innovation, creativity, and technical expertise. The preparations for the event will commence months in advance, and the management team will form a committee to organize the event, including deciding the date and time, arranging for sponsors, and promoting the event.

The School of Design and the School of Agriculture will participate in the event, adding to its diversity and uniqueness. The School of Design will showcase their artistic skills and technical expertise through a range of projects, including interior design concepts, graphic design, and animation projects. The School of Agriculture will display their Fairy Garden stall, featuring beautiful flowers, plants, and a range of miniature fairy houses, bridges, and fountains, crafted by the students with great care and precision.

The Tech Fest will provide a platform for students to showcase their skills and learn from their peers. The event will feature a range of activities, including technical exhibitions, hackathons, seminars on emerging technologies, and much more. The visitors will be highly impressed with the creativity and innovation presented by the students.

Overall, the Tech Fest will be a celebration of innovation and creativity, providing a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. The event will promote the students’ skills and potential while highlighting the hard work and dedication of the students and the committee. The event is sure to be a grand success, attracting a large number of visitors and participants.


Innovation Fair

April 13, 2023

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