The Role of Urban Study in Migrant Communities
The Role of Urban Study in Migrant Communities

The Role of Urban Study in Migrant Communities

In high growth economies continuous rural to urban migration has placed forth an oversized challenge for the housing planners in developing countries. India is witnessing a high rate of rural to urban migration. The term ‘migrant worker’ typically refers to inter-state labour migrants who move to different areas away from their birth places with the aim of employment. These include a good variety of trained and unskilled staff along with the street vendors. Rural to urban migrants are at a disadvantage with relevant housing and access to basic services.

Urban Study’s Reflections on Migrant Realities

In India, urban planning policies and master plans fail to mention the land reserve for migrant housing in cities. Due to this policy level gap, cities never accept the migrants as their permanent residents and the migrant population forever feels neglected in the development journey of cities. This often leads to the development of slums and squatters in the cities. The study through best practices tries to explore options for accommodating the migrants and refugees in urban areas by mainstreaming them through planning and development policies.

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Moreover, the study highlights the key role of cities and native administrations in housing provision. By analyzing population trends and urban development patterns, policymakers can better plan and allocate resources to ensure adequate housing and infrastructure provision for migrants.

Urban studies provide evidence-based insights that inform the formulation and implementation of policies and programs aimed at supporting migrant communities.

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March 12, 2024

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