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The Key USPs

The Key USPs

Computer Science and Engineering is indeed at the forefront of the modern technical world. Relatively, it is the newest branch in engineering; however, it has been widely and openly embraced by the next-generation career pursuers. It is now categorized as one of the most sought professions that are drawing in more and more ambitious minds.

Computer Science and Engineering in today’s time is beyond just testing, developing, configuring, installing, and troubleshooting computer software and hardware. There are constant emergences of new inventions, researches, and explorations that are adding an altogether new level or edge to the industry of computer science and engineering. With the increasing demand of the particular profession, the percentage of such engineering professionals is also booming. This is making the landscape in this engineering field equally competitive for aspirants who are planning to pursue a career in this field. Possessing an edge in one’s portfolio to boost marketability is obligatory in today’s time, and this edge is very well provided by the institute one pursues the higher education from. This is exactly where the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth stands as one of the most trustworthy educational institutions in the nation and one among the best engineering colleges in the country.

An Avenue to Excellent Computer Science and Engineering Career Prospects
The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth presents interested and zealous minds with a robust platform to attain the most out of their careers in Computer science and engineering. As one of the most reputed institutes for information technology in the nation, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth aims to provide each of its valued students with the best when it comes to academic know-how, practical understanding, and industry exposure in the ever-rising field of engineering. With the strong academic, industrial, and market tie-ups that the institute holds, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has introduced, as well as implemented, a paradigm shift in the approach of its knowledge impartation tactics so as to raise the education impartation standards at par with the international benchmarks.

World Class Lab Culture to Aid in Practical Understanding of the Concepts
When it comes to the domain of engineering studies, lab infrastructure, equipment, technology, and facilities play a significant role in encouraging and stimulating the skills and proficiencies of students. This is why inspiring students to perform their own researches, work on market-relevant intricate projects, and learn to practically implement the tools and technologies have always been treated as the foremost priority at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. The institute has never left any stones unturned when it comes to endowing the students with well-equipped, global standard laboratories.

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The Best Trainers Roped Under One Roof
Key USP 2 Engineering is an arena that demands more pragmatic emphasis than theoretical explanations. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is thus extremely particular about roping in the best-in-industry mentors in its faculty group to deliver students with the right level of guidance, mentorship, training, most importantly, insights. All of the faculty members possess rich industry experience and possess specialized training and skills relevant to their field. The educators work hand in hand with students when it comes to class projects and lab researches.

Guest Lectures to Provide Students with Alternative Perspectives, Opinions, and Personal Experiences that can Reinforce the Teachings of the Instructor
At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth the invitation of experts as guest lecturers offers students the opportunity to meet passionate, committed and critical people and to learn from them in various ways. Guest lecturers provide an important educational experience for students based on their real-world life experiences. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest lecturers’ specific field. The format can enable students to interact with professionals in formal and informal settings. Through discussions, interpersonal competence and communicative skills are fostered. Guests’ contributions can take the format of a single lecture, a lecture series over a specific period or workshops.

Another benefit is the link that students get to make between what they learn in their textbooks and the experiences shared by the guest speaker. Students thereby build important connections between what they have learned and the real world.

Guest lecturers can act as role models and bring an authentic, vivid picture of the real world to students, thereby enabling inter-disciplinary learning. Experiences and perspectives from local actors and entrepreneurs inspire students in their own (entrepreneurial) projects, creating motivation and an action-orientation. They bring in special expertise and experiences that teachers cannot provide. The extent to which guest lecturers’ inputs are valuable depends however on the guests’ personal skills, their experience and personality.

  • A guest lecture was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 11th May, 2022 (National Technology Day). A technical quiz was conducted wherein 8 teams participated and 2 teams won the Competition. The winner team was awarded by Chief Guest, Dr. Mansaf Alam. He also delivered a lecture on the topic “BIG DATA, IOT and AI Application in Real Life”. His informative lecture helped the students to know about how progressive our nation is in the field of science and technology.
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a very interesting and intriguing session delivered by Industry Expert “Mr. Vishesh Malik”, from DUCAT on 5th April 2023. It was attended by students and faculties to add value and knowledge on cloud computing technology.

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Robust industrial tie-ups to provide the students with ample industry exposure
There is a rich array of prospects available in the arenas of information security, management applications, databases, software development, sales object-oriented segments, and other Computer science areas. To get their hands on the best of jobs available in the market, what the students need is the right amount of exposure and industry insights. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth takes this aspect into close consideration, and hence ensure to guide the pupils till the culmination of their academic and career journeys by arming them with the right opportunities and exposure.

If you are interested in exploring the sky-scraping field of Computer science and engineering, the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth would be an ideal place to give a kick start to your career. Begin a new venture towards success with our programs at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth.

  • Industrial visit to Synapse India: Department of Computer Science & Engineering has organized Industrial visit. At “Synapse India” in Noida on 4th April 2022. Synapse India is known for web development. Students learnt about their technologies and work culture. They were given an office tour too. Mr. Paritosh Agarwal from Synapse India assisted us with the same.
  • On 3rd March 2023, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (3rd year/4th year) visited VVDN Technologies in Manesar, Gurugram. The company works in various latest technologies such as IOT, 5G, Cloud & apps, Networking & Wifi, etc. We explored the manufacturing and assembly of the electronic parts that are produced by company. We even explored the manufacturing of the main products of VVDN i.e., 360° Camera, PCB, etc. It was a wonderful and knowledgeable experience for the students.
  • On 28th March 2023, our students attended a one-day physical event in Noida hosted by AIC-BIMTECH, in partnership with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This event was dedicated to Startups and Investors, along with featuring prominent figures from the startup ecosystem across the nation and globally.

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