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Scopes of studying Pharmacy in India

Scopes of studying Pharmacy in India

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is, as reported, one of the fastest-growing. Annually the country produces around 20 percent of the total drugs in the world. These figures are only set to increase in the coming years. Being such a massive industry, it employs several thousands of people.

Universities such as Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth and certain colleges also provide pharmaceutical degrees from diploma to doctoral levels. Earning any one of these degrees ensures them to work in many job positions as well as apply for higher education.

Pharmacy degree holders can work in various capacities, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee. Specifically, individuals can also opt for higher education. Pharmacy is a relatively stable career and there are always open job positions with scope for advancing to the next level. , some of the top reasons why one should opt for a Pharmacy course are as follows:  

Pharmacy degree holders have greater flexibility than others because they can work as entrepreneurs or in hospitals.

  • Pharmacy graduates can work in several different industries such as sales, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, education, etc.
  • Working in the pharmacy industry is relatively stable. Most graduates find employment within months of graduating with a degree.
  • Higher education degrees in pharmacy such as doctoral degrees enable people to work in research and development. This allows researchers to make significant discoveries and make a mark in the industry.

The scope of pharmacy extends beyond employment. Specifically, individuals can also opt for higher education. Pharmacy is a relatively stable career and there are always open job positions with scope for advancing to the next level. Some of the most popular job profiles for pharmacy degree holders are as follows:

COMMUNITY PHARMACIST: They typically own the clinic or pharmacy they work at. They will work directly with patients and the general public. They will sell medicines as prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

HOSPITAL PHARMACIST: They are employed directly by the hospital administration. They will work in the pharmacy attached to the hospital and work with hospital patients. Sometimes Hospital Pharmacists also make rounds with the patients and communicate directly with the medical staff.

PHARMA MANUFACTURING IN-CHARGE: They are hired by drug manufacturing companies. The individual would be responsible for any position in the entire manufacturing process. This role requires knowledge of drugs and their composition, as well as state and national rules and regulations regarding them. To succeed in this role, one must pay attention to detail as well as have an organized work style.

QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER: They are hired by drug manufacturers and work to ensure drug safety. As part of their work, they will also set safe consumption limits for certain diseases and illnesses.

MEDICAL WRITER: A medical writing position is a technical writing position where individuals with work experience or degrees in a particular field are hired to write. They typically write blogs, books, reports, website content, etc. Alternatively, some Medical Writers also work with doctors and draft up terms for using medicine and other medical records. Medical Writers are freelancers or full-time employees.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is massive and caters to millions of Indians. To help in doing so, trained professionals are needed with expert knowledge. The scope of pharmacy in India is at an all-time high and there is no end in sight.

Written by                                                                                                                               

Dr. Nita Sharma Das

Associate Professor

School of Pharmacy – Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth

April 12, 2023

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