Research Projects

The Lingayas Vidyapeeth expects the faculty members to undertake active the research worlc The Vidyapeeth believes that the classroom teaching and research are highly inter-dependent. Each faculty member is provisioned with financial grant every year for undertaking research, publications, attending workshops and Conferences etc. The Ph. D scholars are encouraged to take up research in the areas of interest to the School/Department of the Vidyapeeth. The faculty members are highly encouraged to apply for research projects to sponsoring agencies.

Some of the research projects taken up by the faculty members of Vidyapeeth are given below:

Sponsored Research Projects Applied / Implemented

S.No. Financial Year Faculty Name Name of the Funding agency Collaborating Agency Title of the Project Outlay (Rs)
1. 2015-16 Dr. Tapas Kumar
Dr. Poonam Tanwar
SERB, DST ----- Design and development of Voice enabled examination system for physically disabled person using Soft Computing and Big data Analytics 33.55 Lacs
2. Dr. Tapas Kumar,
Dr. Poonam Tanwar
SERB, DST ----- Design and Development of an Intelligent Monitoring system for physically disabled person 85.31 Lacs
3. Dr. Kamlesh Sharma,
Dr. GV Ramaraju
SERB, DST ----- Developing a Bigdata Analysis System for identifying behavior of People from Social Network for Security Applications 48 Lacs
4. Dr. Tapas Kumar SERB, DST MRIU, Faridabad Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Kolkata Optimized and Dynamic Real Time Fish Disease Diagnosis System 33 Lacs
5. Dr. K. K. Mishra SERB, DST ----- Modeling of 2D-polymer composite Xenes (X=Si, Ge,Sn, B) based nanoelectronics devices 60 Lacs
6. Mr. Bhavik Kuchipudi Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi ----- DDU-GKY for Andhra Pradesh (Skill development project) 15 Crore
7. Dr. Shagufta Jabin,
Dr. G.V.Ramaraju
SERB, DST ----- Application of polymers in removal of heavy metals from different industrial wastewater 95 Lacs
8. Dr. Tapas Kumar Ministry of Human Resource & Development, New Delhi NIT Hamirpur NIT, Kurukshetra A real time Intelligent early Detection Land sliding System using wireless sensor Network and Artificial Intelligence 2.86 Crore
9. Ms. Latha Banda,
Dr. G.V. Ramaraju
Ministry of Human Resource & Development, New Delhi IIT, Delhi Automatic Recommender System for Health care 2 Crores
10. Dr. Tapas Kumar DST ----- Design and Development of an Intelligent and Automated helping system for physically disabled person 15 lacs
11. Mr. Bhavik Kuchipudi Cleantech Solar Energy (India) Private Limited ----- 250 kWp Solar Photovoltaic Power Project 1.81 Crore
1. 2014-15 Mr. Utkarsh Mnistry of Water Resource (CSMRS), New DelhiI ----- 25.8 Lacs  
2. Prof. R.K Chauhan ICSSR ----- Performance Appraisal and Retention of the Faculty Members of the Higher Academic Institutions ? An analytical study. 14 Lacs
3. Ar. P.K. Jain Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India ----- Shantinath Museum, Aharji, Tikamgarh 2.5 Crores
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