Patience - Dhairya Sarvatra Saadhakam
Patience – Dhairya Sarvatra Saadhakam

Patience – Dhairya Sarvatra Saadhakam

Humans are considered to be a higher order being due to our intellectual supremacy with respect to other living beings on earth. In addition to it, we possess few virtues like patience, perseverance, temperance, wisdom, transcendence etc. Cerebral supremacy helps us fight the evident dangers posed by our external environment. On the other hand being high on certain virtues helps to protect us from the evils that reside within us. Among all these virtues, patience is one of the most important tool that help us navigate our way through the hard days of our life. Some people inherit certain strengths while others have to master it with time. Patience is more of a belief in the timing of the force that dictates each one of our lives. It is an understanding that we all have our different timeline and the acceptance that we all have different roads to travel.

It is characterized as a feeling of bliss that we experience when things do not go our way and yet we find ourselves resilient. Patience is accompanied by the courage to accept the undesired outcomes of our pursuits and learn from our own mistakes. It helps in reducing frustration and enhances the overall well-being of an individual. It fosters healthy thought patterns which shield us from anxiety and depression.

In order to inculcate such virtues, one should have clarity of thought and a defined purpose in life. Further, self-awareness enables us to rationalize our responses and build our character. We should make conscious efforts to not fall into the vicious circle of negative thoughts. This will subsequently channelize our emotions and actions. An enslaved mind will wander whereas patience will instill a sense of calmness in us and in our personality.


Ms. Sneha Narayan

Teaching Assistant, Psychology

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

July 26, 2023

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