What is the meaning of word ‘perfect?’ Well as per dictionary, it means something that is right in all aspects. Now, who will decide how much someone or something is right? Sometimes people do not even know how much they are perfect or imperfect. When we ourselves are not perfect so how can we expect that a relation or life will be perfect. Aren’t we doing wrong with ourselves? Let us stop it, let us try to be imperfect to be happy.

The current generation spends most of the time on scrolling screens of their mobile phones. For us 25-30 seconds reel seems to be perfect. Every second person wants to become an influencer because life of an influencer seems fascinating and happy. This emotion of being in a state of happiness makes us feel that their life is perfect. However, hardly do we know that its challenging. We all are running after virtually perfect things which in actual are imperfect.

I still wonder when I see these perfect videos, why my life is not like that. What is perfection? While seeking perfection, we lose the beauty of imperfections. Why do we want our life to be perfect, when everything we like is imperfect. Why don’t we keep it imperfect? Let us try to be imperfect.



-Meenakshi Bansal

BA II English Hons.

September 14, 2023

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