Gadget Detox Nowadays, gadgets have become such an addiction- Blog
Gadget Detox Nowadays, gadgets have become such an addiction.

Gadget Detox Nowadays, gadgets have become such an addiction.

“Nowadays, gadgets have become such an addiction that, children have become a reason for irritation, and most parents victims of agitation.” 

Emmanuel Jones

To begin with, it seems impossible to live without gadgets. Just like our body needs detox, similarly, we need a gadget detox as well. Reading about this new kind of detox also needs a gadget, metaphorically and literally true! Do we really need this rejuvenation? Indeed, in this present age when everything is dependent on technology, we can plan one day of the week gadget-free. You all must have heard about ‘Gadget Free Sunday’ but hardly we make an attempt to stay away from gadgets.

The youth is familiar with memes and a highly viral meme showcased that four family members are sitting in the same room but all of them are busy in their pseudo-technical life. Have you ever thought that what we are missing due to the overuse of gadgets? India is a country rich in its cultural and traditional values but now how often do we sit together and play some old-school games such as ludo, carrom-board, hide and seek, etc.? A huge number of family members are no longer connecting together in the way they used to which is resulting in ‘emotional damage.’ Emotional damage….you must have laughed!

Living a life is not that difficult but yes, living encapsulating happiness is something that is turning to a lesser degree. Let us try to spend some time without gadgets and note whether our life is changing or not.

Dr. Swati Sharma
Asst. Professor
Deptt. of English, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth

April 19, 2023

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