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Ms. Sunita Murty

Ms. Sunita Murty

JRF chemistry

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

  1. Sunita Murty holds double postgraduate degree in Biotechnology and Chemistry.
  2. She is pursuing her PhD from Lingayas University, Faridabad , with strong interest in multidisiciplinary research connecting both fields of expertise .
  3. Her current work focuses on Green synthesis of nanoparticles from different biowastes, and their application studies.
  4. Aditionally she has experience in working on DNA extraction and polymorphism detection in carriers of Haemophilia using DNA markers.
  • Comparative assessment of fruit peel derived ZnO, CdO, NiO Nanoparticles, Lingayas journal of professional studies , Vol 17, No. 2, July -December 2023.

Seminars and achievements: 

  1. Won first prize for her presentation of ‘Oncogenes and Tumor suppressors’ at P.G.Science college, osmania university , Hyderabad.
  2. Won special appreciation award for presentation on ‘Usefulness of PCR in diagnosis of Genetic diseases ’at MGIAS college , Jaipur.
  3. Awarded second prize for presentation on ‘Animal Cell Culture based Vaccines’ at JECRC college , Jaipur.
  4. Won first prize for presentation on ‘Covid Vaccines’ at Lingayas Vidyapeeth , faridabad.

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