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Mr.Praveen Kumar Pandey

Mr.Praveen Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor

School of Commerce and Management

Mr.Praveen Kumar Pandey is a Dynamic and knowledgeable Assistant Professor in the School of Commerce and Management. His academic journey has been enriched by the completion of a Dual Specialisation MBA in Marketing and HRM from the prestigious School of Business Studies at Sharda University in Uttar Pradesh. Prior to that, He has earned a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree in Accounting and Finance from the esteemed Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration under the University of Calcutta.

He is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Management from Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies and has authored more than 50 research papers in the field of Management, with 29 papers already published in reputable journals. His expertise and interest encompass a diverse range of areas in service management and marketing, including service branding and positioning, customer relationship management (CRM), service recovery, customer engagement and co-creation, service marketing in the digital age, service leadership, and employee engagement, healthcare service marketing, and service analytics and Big Data.

  1. Published Research Paper titled “Examining the impact of parental education and socio-demographic factors on career aspirations in adolescent students in Delhi NCR, India: A cross-sectional study” in high repute Journal with Impact Factor 3.5 (Scopus), – “COGENT Business & Management, Taylor & Francis Publication” in Volume No.11 , Issue No.1, pp.01 – 17 DOI: 10.1080/23311975.2023.2284444 –  SCOPUS + WoS+ ABS INDEXED, (2024)
  2. Accepted Research Paper titled “Examining the Potential Effects of Augmented Reality on the Retail Customer Experience: A Systematic Literature Analysis” – International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations of Inderscience Publication –  UGC + SCOPUS INDEXED,
  3. Accepted Research Paper titled “Formation of customer value through channel integration: modeling the mediating role of cognitive and affective customer experience in the Omni Channel Retail context” with Impact Factor 3.5 (Scopus), “COGENT Business & Management, Taylor & Francis Publication – SCOPUS + WoS+ ABS INDEXED, (2024)
  4. Accepted Research Paper titled “Global Sustainable Organic Product Movement: Embracing Production and Consumption Shifts” International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (Inderscience) – UGC + SCOPUS INDEXED (2024)
  5. Accepted Research Paper for Publication and is published on Online First (2023), paper titled “Impact of perceived value of services and buzz marketing on the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: a meta-analysis”. International Journal of Services and Operations Management (Inderscience) – UGC + Scopus + ABS.
  6. Published Research Paper titled “Unearthing the Interplay Between Key Review Components and Sales in the White Goods Realm: The Vitality of Buzz Marketing” Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy  – SCOPUS INDEXED (2023)
  7. Published Research Paper titled “A Technological Review on Rise of Esports in World Economy. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Management & Machine Intelligence (pp. 1-8)  – SCOPUS INDEXED (2023)
  8. Published Research Paper titled “Meagreness of Employees symptomatic to disease: a case on healthcare industry”, Journal of Health Management, Sage Publications, 23(3), 531-548, doi: 10.1177/09720634211032023. UGC + Scopus + WoS INDEXED (2021)
  9. Published Research Paper titled “Complacent Effect of Age and Education on the Online Banking-Service Compatibility: Study in Delhi and NCR”. TEM Journal, 9(4) 1765‐1770. doi: 10.18421/TEM94‐59. Scopus+WoS INDEXED – (2020)
  10. Published Research Paper titled “Empirical Analysis of Inter-Relationship between Service Quality, Consumer Involvement, and Consumer Satisfaction”, Indian Journal of Marketing, 50(4), 25-42. doi: 10.17010/ijom%2F2020%2Fv50%2Fi4%2F151571 UGC + Scopus + ABDC INDEXED – 2020
  11. Published Research Paper titled “Analysis of the impact of demographic features of young entrepreneurs on the financial literacy level: Meta-Analysis in Delhi NCR”, Research in World Economy, 11(6), 213-224. doi: 10.5430/rwe.v11n6p213 – SCOPUS INDEXED –  (2020)
  12. Published Research Paper titled “The Impression of Emotional Intelligence on University Students: A Descriptive Study”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(3), 2171-2178, doi: 10.35940/ijrte.C4583.098319  – SCOPUS INDEXED – (2019)
  13. Published Research Paper titled “Trend Related to Compensation among Different Industries”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering,8(4), 1441-1448. doi: 10.35940/ijrte. D7429.118419 – SCOPUS – (2019)
  14. Published Research Paper titled “Competency Mapping based on Identifying the Impact Over the Productivity of SMEs. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, 9(2), 2236-2243 SCOPUS – (2019).
  15.  Published Research Paper titled “Study on the Satisfaction level of Exporters as a subset of Export Promotion”- Study on CONCOR”, Independent Journal of Management and Production, 12(5), 1318-1338, doi - – UGC+WoS INDEXED – 2021
  16. Published Research Paper titled “Convolution of Managerial IM Tactics on Expressions: An Empirical Study”, IPE Journal of Management, 10(1), 51-64, UGC INDEXED – 2019
  17. Published Research Paper titled “Study on Below-the-Line Factors influencing the brand equity formation – With water purifier company outlook”, Journal of Marketing Vistas, 10(2), 14-28 – UGC INDEXED – 2020
  18. Published Research Paper titled “Study on applicability of Consumer Protection Laws on the services offered by the banking institutions- A Case study”, Journal of Marketing Vistas, 9(2), 70-81, UGC INDEXED – (2019)/
  19. Published Research Paper titled “Factors responsible for the convolution of purchasing brands and non-brands, Amity Journal of Marketing, 4(2), 1-18 – UGC INDEXED (2017).
  20.  Published Research Paper titled “Alleyway of Corporate Governance under the purview of Kotak Committee Report. Amity Journal of Corporate Governance, 2(2), 46-57 – UGC INDEXED (2017).
  21. Published Research Paper titled “Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Shaping Leadership. Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 17 (2), 2023.
  22. Published Research Paper titled “Open Innovation: Collaborating for Successful Innovations, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies,  17 (1), 2023.
  23. Published Research Paper titled “Design Thinking: A Framework for Creative Problem Solving Strategies, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies,  17 (1), 2023.
  24. Published Research Paper titled “An Analysis On Culture & Its Impact On Business Ethic, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 16 (2), 2022.
  25. Published Research Paper titled “Bridging The Gap Between AI And Human Understanding, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 16 (1), 2022.
  26. Published Research Paper titled “Research Report On Marketing’s Impact On Generation Y, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 16 (1), 2022.
  27. Published Research Paper titled “Exploring Consumer Perceptions And Adoption Trends Of Digital Payment: A Case Study In South Delhi, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 15 (2), 2021.
  28. Published Research Paper titled “Understanding The Most Effective Strategies In Promoting Small Businesses In India, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 15 (2), 2021.
  29. Published Research Paper titled “Electric Cars And Environment, Lingaya’s Journal Of Professional Studies, 14 (1), 2021.

Books Chapters –

Springer Publication

  • Chapter – 1:- Managing Human Capital for Organizational Success
  • Chapter- 2:-Traditional Human Resource Management (HRM): Evolution and Key Concepts
  • Chapter- 3 :-The Shift towards Human Capital Management (HCM): Adapting to the Modern Workplace
  • Chapter- 4 :- Artificial Intelligence in Human Capital Management
  • Chapter- 5 :- Workforce Analytics and Organizational Performance

Taylor & Francis Publication

  • Chapter – 1 :- Hybrid Work Models, Metaverse Integration, and Talent Management Strategies: Navigating Post-Pandemic Realities
  • Chapter – 2 :- Mitigating Negative Externalities in the Metaverse: Challenges and Strategies

Elsevier Publication

  • Chapter – 1:- Immersive Learning Trends using Digital Twins
  • Chapter – 2:- Digital Twin and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
  1. Presented paper in International Conference on “Sustainable and Innovative Solutions for India @ 75: A Journey towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat” dated 12th May, 2023 organized by IMS Ghaziabad.
  2. Delivered Successful Departmental Workshop on “How to write Quality research Paper – Tips and Technique for Success” in School of Commerce and Management, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Faridabad.
  3. Worked as Core Coordinator in International Conference named LeadershipX : IILC
  4. Presented Paper in Centre for Educational Transformation through Technology, 2024 on the topic “Metaverse as a Platform for Women Entrepreneurs opportunities and Challenges”, Jain University
  5. Presented Paper in ISDSI GLOBAL, 2023 on the topic “The Impact of AI-Generated Content on Buzz Marketing: A Comprehensive Literature Review”, IIM Ranchi
  6. Presented Paper in LeadershipX: International Conference, 2023 on the topic “Metaverse as a Platform for Innovative Service Delivery: Strategy and Implications for Start Up Organizations”, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth
  7. Presented Paper in LeadershipX: International Conference, 2023 on the topic “An analytical Review of the Impact of AI Based Service Quality on the First Customer Experience in Start Up Organizations”, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth
  8. Presented Paper in 19th International Business Horizon- INBUSH Era World Summit 2019 on the topic “HR Analytics: New dimension in HR Field”, Amity University
  9. Participated in the Presentation Skill Competition on the topic “Implication of Information Technology in paramilitary forces’ security: Study on CISF”, Sharda University
  10. Presented Paper in 19th International Business Horizon- INBUSH Era World Summit 2019 on the topic “Strategies to reduce employee turnover” Amity University
  1. Obtained the certification course of Tally ERP 9 and obtained Grade “A” from Brilliant Computer, Kolkata which is registered under Government of West Bengal and ISO Certified Institute.
  2. Participated and ranked 1st in Video Presentation in Legal Aspect of Business on “Furniture Store Fraud”
  3. Received Participation Certificate on “Marketing done through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Programming in 2019”, given by PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi.
  4. Received the Momento and certificate of doing the Track Chairship for Successful Conduct of Leadership Conference in 2023.
  1. Granted & Published Indian Patent on “A Method For Analyzing Mediating Role of Reward in Job Satisfaction and Motivating Employees Performance.” Application No. 202311045568
  2. Granted & Published UK Patent on Eye Tracking Device Enables Hands Free Neuro Computer Interaction, International patent, Application No. 6310190

Editor –

  • Working as Guest Editor in Empirical Economic Letters – ABDC C Category Journal in Bangladesh

Manuscript Reviewer (Reviewed more than 40 Research Papers up till yet)

  1. International Journal of Services, Economics and Management (IJSEM) – Inderscience Publication (UGC + SCOPUS)
  2. International Journal of Electronic Finance – Inderscience Publication (UGC + SCOPUS + ABDC (C))
  3. International Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Societies – Inderscience Publication (UGC + SCOPUS)
  4. International Journal of Social Economics – Emerald (Scopus + ABDC (B) + WoS + CABS)
  5. Journal of Strategy & Management – Emerald (Scopus + ABDC (C) + WoS )

Funding Project –

1) Brought the Research Funding as a Grant of Rs 1,50,000/- from ICSSR for the International Conference held on 03rd – 04th, November, 2023.

2) Proposed the Research Funding as a Deputy Director for the Grant of Rs 5,50,000/- from ICSSR for International Workshop for FY 2024 – 25.

3) Proposed the Research Funding as a Co – PI for the Grant of Rs 10,00,000/- from ICSSR for Seed Money Project for FY 2024 – 25.

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