According to Allan— “Education is a process which moves the person from darkness to light.”


NEP 2020 highlights the aim of education system to develop good human beings with integrity of thoughts and actions. Life oriented education will act as a tool to think independently. Here, writer expressed her feelings on the Role of Education for the society.

KEY POINTS: Integrity, thoughts, actions, life oriented


NEP 1986 also gives emphasis on the effective teaching and learning with the recommendation that “All the teachers will teach and all students study.”

According to NEP 2020– the aim of education should be development of higher order skills among the students for better understanding of content and to adjust with the life.

In our present Education System, students learn the content without understanding, they just memorize for good academic record without proper knowledge of content. Therefore, role of teacher becomes very important as a facilitator to cultivate the tree of knowledge among the students through vibrant system of education.


  • Education and life satisfaction: Perception or Reality, research done by Carolina and Di Maro, University college of London, 2008, and concluded that educational quality perceptions issue for the welfare of individuals.
  • Education and Quality of life, research done by Robert and Jason, University of Manitoba, 2012 and concluded about positive effects of educational attainment on emotional wellbeing, physical health, personal safety.
  • Importance of Education, article written by Al-Shuaibi, Salalah college of Technology,2014 and described that Education develops personality and thoughts of the people and prepares them for life experiences.

This article contributed towards the accountability of Education for people.


Previously, it was thought that Education is a ladder for earning money. Role of teacher was just to give the information and to evaluate the students on the basis of their rote memory power. Parents emphasized their children for good marks. But now in changing scenario, role of Education has changed for teachers and students. Education should develop the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself intellectually for mature life. Now, Education can be defined–

  • As the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill, facts, ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally.
  • As the sum total of experiences acquired by the child inside the school i.e. formal and in home society i.e. informal.

Therefore, Education should bring a positive change in behavior of a child. Teacher should act as a friend, guide, and facilitator to impart the behavioral techniques through education among students. Teacher should provide activity based educational experiences that encourage the students to realize their unknown talents. Presentation of content by teachers will involve examples from the daily life of students to make learning easier. Teacher should teach on the basis of age, mental level, interests and previous background of knowledge of students.


Learning by doing, play way opportunity, presentation of content through integration with other subjects and through Art integrated approach, learning followed by known to unknown principle by teachers make the process of teaching-learning joyful for students. The knowledge gained by students in this way will become imprinted in their mind. Joyful learning will be helpful for them to co-relate any topic from any subject with their life situations. Education does not mean to provide only the success charm among the people to earn more and more money to lead their lives. True Education means prepare the person/children in such a way that they can cope up with the situations of life through self-evaluation, to take right decision at the right time and think critically. That is why, LINGAYA’S VIDYAPEETH, FARIDABAD is preparing the school children as well as adult learners for life oriented education in the form of introducing MOTIVATIONAL TALKS which believe that the idea of education is to form secure, careful, accountable, and cheerful individuals who jointly make a happy and pleasant society, CRITICAL THINKING APPROACH connects with reflection processes and how we take action to explain troubles and VALUE ORIENTED EDUCATION THROUGH LIFE SKILLS SYSTEM. LINGAYA’S VIDYAPEETH organizes seminars, workshops, orientation programmes to train the teachers/learners in these areas because it is a need of the time to train learners in taking responsibilities to run the nation. Therefore, Education for Life is a formation that prepares the learners to face the challenges of livelihood as a human being,


Education is not training for existence; education is life itself.’ — John Dewey.

Education plays an essential role in a child’s progress as a person, growing a student’s skill in several societal and corrective skills, such as teamwork skills, regularity and societal contact with public, etc Education is the key to twist a weak point into strength.

Education prepares the person for the following situations—-

Swyam se swyam koo rubaroo kar sake, (self-evaluation)
Prem, pyar se logo se jud sake, (love-affection)
Kantoo ki chubhan na lekar, (positive attitude)
Jadoo ki jhapi le sake. (connectivity with people)


  • Education Is Life Itself: Biological Evolution as a Model for Human Learning, Paul Grobstein Bryn Mawr College,Alice Lesnick Bryn Mawr Colleg, ,2011, Bryn Mawr College Scholarship, Research, and Creative Work at Bryn Mawr College.



Dr. Poonam Gaur

Associate Professor

School Of Education

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Faridabad



September 4, 2023

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