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B.Sc. Math Honours is an under graduate degree program awarded on successful completion of three-year degree program of study in mathematics. Mathematics is the study and investigation of structure, quantity and space. Subjects generally studied under this program are Algebra, Calculus, Differential Geometry, Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Linear Programming, Statistics & Probability, Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics and different theories in mathematics disciplines such as computer science or statistics apart from study of basic Under Graduate degree in mathematics. This course builds up a comprehension of analytical skills and purposeful abilities and competencies in Mathematics. The program deals with the comprehension of fundamental applications of mathematical strategies that are applied to general concepts outside the extent of theoretical mathematics.

No. of Seats 30
Years 3
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No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BS-101 Electricity and Magnetism 4
2 BS-103 Algebra 4
3 BS-105 Inorganic Chemistry 4
4 BS-151 Physics Laboratory-I 2
5 BS-155 Chemistry Laboratory-I 2
6 HSS-107 English and Communication Skills 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BS-102 Statistical Physics 4
2 BS-104 Calculus 4
3 BS-105 Organic Chemistry 4
4 BS-152 Physics Laboratory-II 2
5 BS-154 Chemistry Laboratory-II 2
6 CE-108 Environmental Science & Ecology 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BMH-201 Ordinary Differential Equation 5
2 BMH-203 Graph Theory 5
3 BMH-205 Real Analysis 5
4 BMH-207 Number Theory 5
5 BMH-209 Group Theory-I 5
6 BMH-211 Discrete Mathematics 5
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BMH-202 Group Theory-II 5
2 BMH-204 Theory of Real Functions 5
3 BMH-206 PDE and systems of ODE 5
4 BMH-208 Numerical Methods 4
5 BMH-252 Numerical Methods Lab 1
6 BMH-210 Analytical Geometry 5
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BMH-301 Multi Variate Calculus 5
2 BMH-303 Ring Theory and Linear Algebra-I 5
3 BMH-305 Complex analysis 5
4 BMH-307 Probability and Statistics 5
5 BMH-309 Riemann Integration and series of functions 5
6 BMH-351 Statistical Analysis with R 1
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BMH-302 Linear Programming 5
2 BMH-304 Metric Space 5
3 BMH-306 Ring Theory and Linear Algebra-II 5
4 BMH-352 MATLAB 2
5 BMH-354 Minor project/seminar/Industrial Training 10

Career Prospects

  • Teaching
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Government Services
  • Economics
  • Actuarial Science
  • Meteorology
  • Insurance

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Covered subjects are Core courses- Modern Algebra, Real Analysis, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equation and Partial Differential Equation, Complex Analysis, Probability & Statistics LAB Course- MATLAB and Research project.

Career opportunity: Teaching, Subject Matter Expert, Data Science, Mathematican, Acturial Science, Analyst, Scientist, Banking, Government Services, Statistician, Meteorology, Economist, Accounting, Programmer etc.

Pass in 10+2 examination with minimum of 50.0% marks with Mathematics from recognized Board.

Placement Opportunities

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