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B.Arch Colleges In Faridabad/Delhi NCR

The demand for infrastructure development has increased as a result of India's rapid urbanisation over the past few decades. This has created a demand for highly skilled workers in the infrastructure sector. As a result of this situation, the burgeoning India's Top B Arch Colleges In Faridabad/Delhi NCR industry offers tremendous opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in architecture. Architecture, unlike other creative and artistic professions, always reflects the era and cultural context in which it was created. Thus it carries with it an important socio cultural responsibility beyond merely acting as a shelter provider. Architects create the buildings and landscapes we enjoy every day, such as homes, office buildings, institutions, public parks, theatres, factories, sports arenas, malls, and services that make our lives easier, such as bridges and public transportation networks At the School of Architecture and Planning, Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, or B Arch, is available at the undergraduate level. The goal of this five-year full-time curriculum is to inculcate the skill of organizing, creating and building different kinds of built forms using a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. A trained architect is involved in every phase of any construction project, from designing to supervising to execution of the construction. The introduction of technology has made the task of designing a building difficult. Architects increasingly have to strike a balance between the allure of the new and the traditional building styles. Currently architects are motivated to create environment friendly living spaces to ensure achievement of sustainable development goals. Candidates who are interested in becoming architects must possess both a reasonable and aesthetic mindset along with the spark to imbibe problem-solving skills. The School instills sense of visual vocabulary and judgment.

No. of Seats 20
Years 5
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Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-101 History of Architecture – I 3
2 BAR-103 Building Structures-I 3
3 BAR-105 Building Construction-I 3
4 BAR-107 Architectural Design-I 9
5 BAR-109 Architectural Graphics-I 5
6 BAR-151 Computer Application in Architecture – I 2
7 BAR -153 Presentation Skills 2
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-102 History of Architecture – II 2
2 BAR-104 Building Structures-II 3
3 BAR-106 Climatology 3
4 BAR-108 Building Services-I 2
5 BAR-110 Building Construction-II 3
6 BAR-112 Architectural Design-II 5
7 BAR-114 Architectural Graphics-II 3
8 BAR-152 Computer Application in Architecture – II 2
9 BAR-156 Surveying & Leveling 2
10 BAR-158 Summer Internship-I** 2
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-201 History of Architecture-III 3
2 BAR-203 Building Structures- III 3
3 BAR-205 Building Services -II 3
4 BAR-207 Building Construction -III 3
5 BAR-209 Architectural Design -III 6
6 BAR-211A Sociology and Psychology 3
BAR-211B Theory of Design
7 Open Elective-I Open Elective-I 2
8 BAR-251 Computer Applications in Architecture-III 2
9 BAR-253 Winter Internship-II** 2
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-202 History of Architecture – IV 2
2 BAR-204 Building Services – III 2
3 BAR-206 Estimation & Costing – I 3
4 BAR-208 Building Structure- IV 3
5 BAR-210 Architectural Design – IV 5
6 BAR-212 Building Construction -IV 3
7 BAR-214 Architectural Graphics- III 3
8 BAR-216A Low Cost Housing 3
BAR-216B Architectural Journalism
9 BAR-252 Computer Application in Architecture – IV 2
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-301 History of Architecture-III 3
2 BAR-303 uilding Structures- III 3
3 BAR-305 Building Services -II 3
4 BAR-307 Building Construction -III 4
5 BAR-309 Architectural Design -III 5
6 BAR-311A Sociology and Psychology 3
BAR-311B Theory of Design
7 Open Elective-I Open Elective-I 2
8 BAR-351 Computer Applications in Architecture-III 2
9 BAR-353 Winter Internship-II** 2
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-302 Building Structures-VI 3
2 BAR-304 Architectural Design-VI 6
3 BAR-306 Building Construction- VI 5
4 BAR-308 Report Writing-I 5
5 BAR-310A Human Values 3
BAR-310B Building Economics
6 Open Elective – III Open Elective – III 2
7 BAR-352 Computer Application in Architecture- VI 2
8 BAR-354 Summer Internship-II** 1
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-401 Environmental Studies for Architecture 3
2 BAR-403 Architectural Design- VII 12
3 BAR-405 Building Construction VII 5
4 BAR- 407 Report Writing-II 5
5 BAR-409A Project Management 3
BAR-409B Product Design
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-452 Professional Office Training 28
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 BAR-501 Professional Practice -I 4
2 BAR-503 Architectural Design- IX 16
3 BAR-505A Transport Planning 3
BAR-505B Urban & Regional Planning
Sr. No. Codes Subject Title Credit
1 BAR-502 Professional Practice -II 4
2 BAR-504 Architectural Design Thesis 20
3 Open Elective-IV Open Elective-IV 2

Career Prospects

  • Landscape Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Valuer
  • Site Engineer
  • Model Maker
  • 3D Analyst
  • BIM Expert
  • Green Building Expert
  • Conservationist
  • Architectural Journalist

Why Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth?

Established in 1998, Lingaya’s Group is one of the fastest-growing educational groups in India. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth Faridabad is one of the best institutions in the NCR. We provide a wide range of courses and career options to its students. Our vision is to be the best private university in the country especially in Delhi NCR by providing students with a curriculum that imparts appurtenant understanding and essential skills to develop in their chosen fields. The students can choose various courses from various disciplines including B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Tech., BBA, BA LLB, M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.Tech., MBA, and many more along with various Diploma courses. Our faculty of all the disciplines are well trained and experienced in the field to guide the students better. At Lingaya’s, learning is through Innovative Teaching Methodology, International Collaborations, Hands-On Experiences and Industry Partnership. This type of learning process provides a 360-degree development of the students preparing them for the corporate world. The campus is cleaned and well maintained with an excellent infrastructure providing facilities like canteens, laboratories, library, smart classroom and many more. Also international collaborations and industry partnerships provide a very good placement opportunities for the students to create a vibrant and colourful future.


1) Architectural Design 16) Research/Dissertation
2) Building Construction 17) Environmental Studies
3) Building Construction 18) Product Design
4) History of Architecture 19) Art Appreciation
5) Computer Application in Architecture 20) Project Management
6) Architectural Graphics 21) Low Cost Architecture
7) Building Services 22) Architectural Journalism
8) Climatology 23) Disaster Management
9) Surveying and Levelling 24) Sustainable Cities and Energy Compliance
10) Sociology 25) Professional Practice
11) Climatology 26) Transport Planning
12) Estimation and Costing 27) Urban and Regional Planning
13) Theory of Design 28) Professional Training
14) Human Values 29) Thesis
15) Building Economics
1) Architectural Practice 9) Architectural Historian/Jounalist
2) Designer 10) Art Director
4) Valuer 11) Building Contractor
5) Higher Education 12) Architecture Designer
6) Landscape Architect 13) Technical Assistant
7) Interior Designer 7) Interior Designer
8) Project Manager 8) Project Manager

No, As per the COA norms the candidate should be from science stream.

Candidates should have passed in with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent in 10+2 Exam with PCM and pass in NATA or JEE paper 2 Exam.

*Candidate should have passed with a minimum of 50% marks in polytechnic diploma (Architecture Assistantship) and pass in NATA or JEE paper 2 Exam

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is being conducted by the Council of Architecture, being the competent & final authority for the purpose of fixing norms and standards for     architectural institutions and having the necessary expertise to hold a Common Aptitude Test in Architecture, at national level to provide a single window system for appearing in aptitude test and to facilitate institutions, students and public at large for admission to First year of 5 year B.Arch Degree Course at all recognized Institutions all over country.

Placement Opportunities

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