A Regular MBA or a Distance MBA - Which One Is Best for You?
A Regular MBA or a Distance MBA – Which One Is Best for You?

A Regular MBA or a Distance MBA – Which One Is Best for You?

Getting a job right after your graduation is not sacrosanct. However, considering the current job scenario, there is stiff competition and many students feel like they have to get a job as soon as they complete graduation.

Now, some students want to pursue higher education before they start working. In such a case, pursuing an MBA course from a reputable institute is a great way to seek a high-level job role right from the get-go. As a result, people are becoming more and more selective about the institute they enroll in, be it for MBA courses or any other program. A master’s degree will help you stay above the competition and also satisfy any of your other interests, be it entrepreneurship or higher studies.

So, the question is whether to pursue a regular MBA course or a distance MBA.

Features of a regular MBA program
An MBA course is a 2-year master’s level program offered in various specializations. People who have passed their bachelor’s degree in any specialization are eligible for the course. There are numerous advantages to pursuing a course through a regular MBA college in NCR, some of which are stated below:

• A regular/full-time MBA program allows a candidate to make a change in the direction of their career. This is why most working professionals are readily willing to leave their job just to enroll in a full-time program.
• Students who have freshly passed their bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue higher studies instead of a job can choose a full-time MBA as their post-graduate degree. It is the perfect move since new graduates do not have any professional commitments just yet.
• Candidates of a regular MBA program undergo an internship that gives them exposure to real lie job situations.
• Regular MBA students get to network and build professional relationships right from their course days.
• A full-time MBA provides better placement opportunities than a distance MBA.

Features of a distance MBA?
A distance MBA course from Lingayas Vidyapeeth is one of the most preferred post-graduate programs for people holding jobs. Such a program allows people the freedom to work and study without having to attend classes. There is a multitude of benefits that this program offers such as:

A distance MBA course is usually quite affordable compared to regular MBA programs within the country. However, one must Check Out the Admission Details to know about the exact fee structure of a particular MBA course.
• Unlike a regular MBA program, a distance course allows students to carry on with their job, and earn while they learn.
• There are some organizations that partially or completely sponsor a distance MBA program for their employees. So, in such a case, a distance MBA is highly beneficial.
• A distance MBA course has been granted equal recognition as a regular MBA. The various statutory bodies of the education department have approved the distance form of MBA through UGC-DEB. So, it is just as valid as a full-time MBA course.

Which course is right for you?
Which course suits a candidate depends upon the individual. With the distinct features stated above for each course, both programs certainly offer unique advantages. If pursuing higher education right after college and receiving field experience is an important criterion, then a candidate must opt for regular MBA courses. However, if the candidate is seeking a course with a low fee, sponsorship, or one that he/she can pursue alongside his/her job, then a distance course is the way to go!
So, clearly outline your higher education criteria, and choose the program that caters to your individual needs.

November 10, 2022

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