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13 Interesting Facts about Chemistry

13 Interesting Facts about Chemistry

  1. Around 200 gm salt present in human body which helps to retain water.
  2. Ice is 9 % bigger than volume of water used to make it and helium is lighter than air which helps the balloon to float.
  3. Blood is not always red some animals have BLUE BLOOD which is due to the Copper containing protein.
  4. MARS is red due the presence of Iron oxide.
  5. Mixing sufficient quantity of salt into a full glass of water, the water level will go down as salt have a capacity to retain water
  6. Mixing of equal volume of alcohol and water, the total volume will be decreased as the molecules of ethanol are smaller than water molecules, hence on mixing together, ethanol acquire the spaces left between the water molecules causing a less volume of the solution.
  7. When we lost approximately 1% water of our body’s then we feel thirsty.
  8. “J” is the only letter which is not found in the periodic table.
  9. Lemons have more sugar than strawberries.
  10. Dynamite contains peanuts as a part of its ingredient.
  11. Air behaves as liquid at temperature of 190 degrees centigrade.
  12. Fish scales are commonly used as an integral part of lipstick ingredients.
  13. We cannot taste anything without saliva.


Dr. Rizwan Arif

Assistant professor

School of Basic & Applied Sciences

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth

October 13, 2023

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