Know the Theory of Einstein's Relativity in Physics
Know the Theory of Einstein’s Relativity in Physics

Know the Theory of Einstein’s Relativity in Physics

Modern physics stands on two pillars, Relativity (General relativity & Special relativity) and quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics defines the events occur at quantum level. General relativity defines the geometry of space and defines the events occur at cosmic level, it is also known as geometric theory of gravity. Special relativity defines the events which occur at high speed.

Equations of special relativity tells us that how time slows down on high speeds and how other things (length and mass) changes when we move at high speed, but what if we could reverse these phenomena’s. Physically it looks impossible but if we think mathematically, then the effect of these equations can be reversed.

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Equation of special relativity describes that how our clock slows down and lengths shrinks as we move at high speed. Mathematically, it is explained by Lorentz contraction formula. This effect will increase as our speed approach to “c”. At speed of light, one will see the size of our cosmos approaches to 0 (or to be a point size). Now think in opposite way (in reverse way) as if we could reverse these effects then we could see the small objects to be bigger and at one stage, one could see the size of atom as of cosmic size.

We can achieve it by reversing the equations of special relativity but it is not possible on real axis (or on visible dimensions) but it can be possible on imaginary axis. As if we move on imaginary axis, effect of equations of special relativity can be reversed.

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But then question arises that how can we achieve velocity at imaginary axis or what is imaginary axis and what are imaginary numbers? According to mathematicians, imaginary numbers are mathematical stuff (represented by i = √−1) that can be used to solve wave equations and computer programing equations or equations of quantum mechanics. But the question still remain same that what is imaginary axis?

We can define it as imaginary numbers are a function which connects positive numbers with negative numbers Mathematically,
Negative numbers = Ө²
(Ө is function of positive numbers)
Ө = f(x)
(x is any positive number)
f(x) = (i√x) Or we can say that, it is a path by which we can jump directly from positive numbers to negative numbers. It can also act as a dimension. We can’t see this dimension but we can visualize it by maths.

We can derive the equations by which we can see that as we move on imaginary axis, all factors described in special relativity can be reversed and one can see atom to be zoomed as of much bigger size (cosmic size).

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June 10, 2024

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