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Prof. (Dr.) Rajnee Gaur

Professor & HOD

School of Education

Dr. Rajnee Gaur is a multi-talented education professional with extensive experience spanning 17 years. Holding a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Education, M.Ed., and multiple postgraduate degrees in Education, English, Sociology, and Psychology, she is committed to providing conceptual education. Her career journey includes roles as an educator, academic coordinator, associate professor and professor across various educational institutions in India. Dr. Gaur has showcased proficiency in multiple subjects and has actively engaged in administrative roles, guiding Ph.D. and M.Ed. students. She is currently a Professor and HoD in the School of Education at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth (Deemed to Be University).

The research interests of Dr. Rajnee are in teacher education and related areas. She has authored over 15 publications in peer-reviewed, refereed, and Scopus-reputed journals and conferences. She also authored 3 books, two Indian and one international. She has 5 Indian and UK Patents.

Dr. Gaur has contributed significantly to educational literature, with research papers published in reputable journals and books. Noteworthy publications include studies on personality development patterns, ICT in education, gender studies, and innovative teaching methodologies.

She has participated in and presented papers at numerous national and international seminars and conferences, addressing topics such as teacher education, quality enhancement, gender equality, and the role of technology in education. Dr Gaur has also attended workshops on educational research, lifelong learning, gender-based violence prevention, and ICT integration in teaching.

She has innovative patents to her credit, including a self-learning Braille device, an EEG-driven system for driver fatigue detection, and an AI-based adaptive language acquisition system, among others.

Dr. Gaur has received recognition for her contributions to education, including awards for best paper presentations at national seminars and conferences.

Her commitment to professional development is evident through her participation in various FDPs, covering contemporary issues and challenges in education, research methods, cultural interventions in curriculum, and ICT for quality teaching and learning.

Dr. Gaur has served as an external expert for several institutes, evaluating educational programs and assessments. She also appointed as a paper setter.

She holds memberships in esteemed educational associations, including the All India Association for Educational Research and the All India Teacher Educators Association.

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