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Dr. Samriti Mahajan

Dr. Samriti Mahajan

Head of Department and Associate Professor

School of Commerce & Management

Dr. Samriti Mahajan stands as a distinguished figure in the realms of academia and industry, boasting over a decade of illustrious experience. Presently, she holds the prestigious role of Associate Professor and Department Head at the esteemed Lingaya Vidyapeeth in Faridabad. Her academic credentials are truly remarkable, having earned a Ph.D. in Green Marketing and an MBA in Biotechnology.

With a multidisciplinary expertise spanning Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, and International Business, Dr. Mahajan’s contributions have transcended borders. Her exceptional portfolio is a true testament to her prowess, featuring two published books, over ten book chapters, a comprehensive Case Study, and an impressive collection of five design patents and twenty utility patents, both domestically and globally.

Dr. Mahajan’s research acumen is undeniable, as evidenced by her numerous international scientific papers and review articles. Her expertise has been recognized on prestigious platforms, where she has delivered keynote addresses at the World Innovation Patent Conclave, served as the esteemed Guest of Honor for the IPR cell at BIT Raipur, and lent her invaluable insights as a Project Judge at BNMIT Bangalore.

Beyond her academic and research endeavors, Dr. Mahajan actively contributes to the growth and development of both academic and professional communities. She serves as a Session Chair for Seminars and Conferences, and as a sought-after resource speaker for Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) and Management Development Programs (MDPs), enriching and empowering individuals in these domains.

Dr. Mahajan’s multifaceted career, seamlessly blending academia, industry, research, and intellectual property, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and professional development. Her journey is an inspiration to many, and her impact continues to shape the future of her respective fields.

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Books Editor –

  1. A multidisciplinary approach in Innovation Paradigm by Swaranjali Publications
    (ISBN – 978-93-5470-624-0)  in 2022
  2. Education system challenges in modern perspective by Alpha International Publication,(ISBN – 978-93-95978-95-8) in 2023.
  3. Working as Guest Editor in Empirical Economic Letters – ABDC C Category Journal in Bangladesh
  4. Heliyon – Elsevier publication (Scopus- Q1) 2023
  5. ABCD Indexing- Reviewer


Books Chapters –

  1. An Augmented Reality-Based Apparel Purchasing Simulation Guide by A multidisciplinary approach in Innovation Paradigm(ISBN No: 978-93-5470-624-0) in 2022
  2. Conversational Commerce for Millennials in Apparel Industry: Chatbots by A multidisciplinary approach in Innovation Paradigm (ISBN No: 978-93-5470-624-1) in 2022
  3. Effect of Conflict on the organization Performance by A multidisciplinary approach in Innovation Paradigm (ISBN No: 978-93-5470-624-2) in 2022
  4. Innovation and Future Trends in Corporate Cultures by A multidisciplinary approach in Innovation Paradigm(ISBN No: 978-93-5470-624-3) in 2022
  5. Paradigm Shift in Business management, chapter Name:Dark Data – A Hidden blessing in Disguise for Organisation , ISBN: 978-81-959202-2-8
  • International conference on Fostering Industry Academia Partnership for driving innovation and strategizing trade and industry, 6th -7th Jan, 2024
  • International conference on Global business strategies for sustainability, Dark data- A hidden blessing in disguise for organization, Amity University, Jan 19-20, 2023
  • International Conference on multidisciplinary approach to Innovation and Design of Thinking, IEC, 23-24th June 2022
  • International Entrepreneurship Summit ‘AVLOKAN 2.0’ , “Beyond Sustainability – Trends in Regenerative, Socially Responsible, Community Ventures” 2022
  • International Conference on “Resetting Strategies and Building Resilience in Global Business Ecosystem for Covid Crisis” organized by Research and Development cell of Asian Business School, Noida, 2021
  • International Research Conference attended “Sustainable Development and Education” 26th – 27th August 2021 London School of Management Education U.K.
  • Paper presented on Green Conduct: “Aspect of Price Consciousness and Ecological Concern in Indian Consumer Behavior”, London School of Management Education U.K, Online International Conference on ‘Role of Management, Education and Social Sciences in Responsible Research and Innovations: Challenges and Realities 2020. (Pg. no. 338- 352)
  • International Conference attended on “Role of Management, Education and Social Sciences in Responsible Research and Innovations: Challenges and Realities” 2020
  • Conference attended and paper presented on “Determinant Factors Influencing Green Purchase Intention of Millennials in Delhi/NCR”, Global Business Strategies For Sustainability, 2019, ISBN: 978-81-942473-8-8
  • Conference attended and paper presented on “Antecedents of Purchase Behavior of Green Food Product” MRCON 2020 Building Sustainable Competitive Edge.
  • Conference attended and paper presented on “ Indian Green Consumer Behavior and its antecedents” 2019
  • International Conference attended and paper presented “An analysis on culture & Its impact on Business Ethics” ICRTES 2018.
  • Participated in Technology Trends and Revolution in Web and Mobile, organized by BVICAM, New Delhi, 20th Jan, 2024
  • MDP – Emotional Intelligence for leaders, Lloyd Business Schools, 20th Jan, 2024
  • International Faculty development on holistic pedagogy, Don Bosco College 9th – 15th Jan, 2023
  • Entrepreneurship: Business Policies & Practices – Speaker 2022
  • Faculty Development Programme – Qualitative Research Tools and Techniques with special reference to APA Format – 24th September, 2022
  • Global Academic Summit, Strategic Intelligence and Leadership, IMS Noida 1st – 2nd Dec, 2022
  • Participated in Internal Quality Assurance Cell on Unlocking the potentials of Intellectual Property Rights, June, 2022
  • Participated in “Case Teaching & Case Writing” FDP by SDIET, 11th – 18th April, 2022
  • Participated in the International Entrepreneurship Summit “AVLOKAN 2.0” Beyond Sustainability Trends in Regenerative, Socially Responsible, Community Ventures 17- 22 Jan (2022)
  • MDP on “Strategizing and Managing Brand’ by Lloyd Business School, 8th Jan (2022)
  • Participated in International Research Summit AVLOKAN 2021 “Redefining Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership” 2nd – 10th August 2021. Special session given by Dr. Philip Kotler. (2021)
  • Two-day National Level Faculty Development Programme “Data Analysis using SPSS, AMOS & R.” (2020)
  • Faculty Development Programme “Inquest of Research – SPSS & AMOS (2020)
  • Faculty Development Program “Effective Engagement & Communicate to Connect” (2017)
  • Workshop – Power BI + Tableau 24th Nov, 2022
  • Business Analytics with excel course completion 23rd June, 2022
  • Workshop on “Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism & Financial Inclusion” Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi (2017)
  • Workshop on “Capital Markets/Investment Awareness” (2017)
  • One week training Programme on Professional Development of Teachers, “National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra” (2017)
  1. Young Women Educator and Scholar by – National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) 2023
  2. Indian Researcher Award by IRA, London, U.K – 2021
  3. Motivational Increment for exemplary performance with the rating of “A++” during the year 2022 by external auditor at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Faridabad.
  4. Guest of Honour – BNMIT, Bangalore Intellectual Property Right Conclave” 14th – 15th March, 2024
  5. Expert for Technical Session – ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on Reconditioning Indian Tradition and Culture through NEP 2020: Multilingual, Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Educational Approaches, Chhatrapati Shahu ji Maharaj University, Kanpur 1st – 2nd March, 2024
  6. Session Chair- International Conference The Myriad Facets of Women: A Celebration of the Extraordinary, Jain University, Bangalore 1st – 2nd March, 2024
  7. Session Chair – International Conference on Fostering Industry Academia Partnership for Driving Innovation and Strategizing Trade & Industry, Prestige Institute 6th -7th Jan, 2024
  8. Session Chair – International Conference of Project Management, Prestigious 15th -16th Dec, 2023 Bali
  9. Convenor – ICSSR Sponsored International Conference on LeadershipX: Innovation and Leadership on 3rd -4th Nov, 2023
  10. Chief Guest – Inauguration of IPR Cell in BIT Raipur on 25th July 2023
  11. Project Judge – BNMIT, Bangalore 2nd -3rd June, 2023
  12. Panelary Session Speaker, World Innovation Patent Conclave, Delhi 2022
  13. International – Online panel discussion, Covid-19 Crisis: The Global Economy Reshaping 2020.

Patents – Indians

  • Consumer attitude based behavioral intention in green food product- 2022/11018196 Published
  • Green Strategies: Adoption, Innovation and Alliances- 2022/11030529A under IPR, Govt. of India Published
  • Design Patent – GAIT Training exercise equipment – Govt. of India Granted
  • Women Tribes in transition amid alien environment in urban city – 202211070838 Published
  • A method for analyzing the mediating role of reward in job satisfaction and motivating employees performance. 202311045568 Published
  • A method for analyzing strategies of financial management in e-commerce enterprises. 202311078689 Published

Patents – International

  • Α method for employees satisfaction that reduces turnover intention of employees and leadership that makes employee growth, Republic of South Africa – 2022/04837 Granted
  • A system and a method for regulating advertising, Republic of South Africa – 2022/05331 Granted
  • A Method for critical Incident Stress Management, Republic of South Africa – 2022/05633 Granted
  • A method for employees satisfaction that reduces turnover intention of employees and leadership – 2022/04837 Granted
  • Growing popularity of Indian regional OTT platforms 2022/07837 Granted
  • A novel inclusive educational model for children with disability and severe disability 2022/07611 Granted
  • A radar system using arduino and ultrasonic sensor for building inspection – 202023100297 Granted
  • Communication system for broadcasting a live- video through social media and method thereof – 202311026512 Granted
  • A novel artificial intelligence model to overcome challenges of education for teachers and schools – 202311009968 Granted
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Prediction Device using Internet of Things – 6291239 Granted
  • Novel IOT Based Computerised Numerical Control Fibre Laser Composite Material Cutting Machine – 6291241 Granted
  • A Novel Digital Currency Reader for Blind and Impaired People – 6291629 Granted
  • System and Method for redesigning development strategies for sustainable growth and well- being – 202311046235 Granted
  • IOT based Fibre optic Blanket Phototherapy Jaundice treatment – 6291240 Granted
  • AI-Enabled Aquaculture fish disease prediction device – 6304592 Granted
  • Eye-Tracking device enables handsfree neuro- computer interaction – 6310190 Granted

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