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Dr. Neha Guleria

Dr. Neha Guleria

Assistant Professor

School of Commerce and Management

Dr. Neha Guleria maintains an active research participation in the field of Management with holding more than 6 years of research experience as, She has done her Ph. D in Work-life balance. Employee relations and engagement, the role of technology, quality life, self-determination and motivation, workforce analytics, Human capital, sustainable performance and challenges, HR Analytics are some of her higher research agendas.

She has 15 publications with good impact factors and indexing . She is in the author list of SCOPUS and One of her papers has 490+ citations. She has done graduation in BBA in General Management, and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with Dual Specialisation in Human Resource Management and Marketing from Himachal Pradesh Technical University. She has organized and attended more than 25+ Webinars, International and national Conferences and Workshops.

  • Adapting to Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Impact, Opportunities, and Challenges for Information Technology Jobs (published in ABDC journal: “Empirical Economics Letters”, April 2024).
  • Structured Finance and Securitization: Inception of Stock Exchanges (published in ABDC journal: “Empirical Economics Letters”, April 2024).
  • Mobile Banking Adoption Among Senior Citizens: Analyzing Perceived Awareness, Risk, and Usefulness through Artificial Intelligence (published in ABDC journal: “Empirical Economics Letters”, April 2024).
  • A Study on Mobile Banking Adoption by Elderly People in India (published in ABDC journal: “Empirical Economics Letters”, March 2024).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Unemployment: An Analytical Impact (published in international peer reviewed journal: “Ripples”, April 2023).
  • Understanding Indian Consumer Behavior After Covid Pandemic: A Study of Online Shopping Behavior of Young Customers of Faridabad, India (published in: “Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies”, July,December 2023).
  • A Detailed Report on Fintech Industries in India & It’s Impact on the Financial Sector (published in: “Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies”, July-December 2022).
  • Tech-life Balance is a new Work-life Balance of current Digital Society (Published in print only journal: Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, UGC Care Listed, November 2022).
  • Role of Self-motivation and Determination with Impact on Work-life Balance (Published in print only journal: Journal of the Oriental Institute, UGC Care Listed, September 2022).
  • Impediments for Work-life Balance in the New Normal: Exploring the Factors Facing by Working Individuals (Published in ECS Transactions, Scopus Indexed, April 2022).https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1149/10701.10315ecst/meta
  • The Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 in Workplace (Published in 2020, 273 citations as on December, 2022). https://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/EJBM/article/view/52883
  • A Conceptual Study on Work-life Balance and its impact on Employee Performance (Published in 2020, 4 citation as on December,2022).https://www.johnfoundation.com/journals/sparkling/sijmrsv3i1/a-conceptual-study-on-work-life-balance-and-its-impact-on-employee-performance/
  • Employee Relations and Engagement During COVID-19 (Published in 2019, 25 citations as on November, 2022). https://www.johnfoundation.com/journals/sparkling/sijmrsv3i2/employee relations-and- engagement-during-covid-19/
  • Impact of Digital Marketing in Today’s Digital World (published in: “Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies”, January- June 2021).
  • Impact of Stress Management on Work Performance and Innovation of Employees (published in: “Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies”, July-December 2021).

Books Chapters:

  • Explorative Analysis of Industry 4.0 Scenario with Human Resource Activities (published in an edited book: “Advance Research in Technology, Management, Social Science, Sustainable Development & Humanities”, May 2023).
  • Work-life Balance with impact of Sustainable Performance and Challenges (Published in edited book- “A Multidisciplinary Approach in Innovation Paradigm”, 2022).
  1. International Conference on ‘Artificial Intelligence, innovation, sustainability’ (28-29 April, 2023).
  2. International Conference on ‘Explorative Analysis of industry 4.0 scenario with HR activities’ (12-13 May, 2023).
  3. Workshop on Ameliorative Development in higher education from 18-19 April, 2023.
  4. One week online FDP on ‘Big Data and Analytics: Recent Trends, Tools and Technologies’ (17-21 April, 2023).
  5. International one week FDP on ‘Digital Amelioration and the changes’ (13-19 Feb, 2023).
  6. Participated in 2 days International Conference on Theme: “Ignite: Empowering Innovation and Leadership for Thriving Start-ups”organised by School of Commerce and Management in Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth on 3rd-4th November 2023.
  7. FDP on ‘Entrepreneurial Excellence in Higher Education: Navigating Trends and Challenges in Professional Courses’ (4th – 9th March, 2024) by SITRC (Nashik).
  1. Women Tribes in transition amid alien environments in urban cities (Indian Patent, 2022).
  2. ‘Communication system for broadcasting a live video through social media and method thereof’ published under intellectual property right govt. Of India and indexed at WIPO, Switzerland.
  3. A Method for Analyzing Strategies of Financial Management in E-commerce enterprises (Indian Patent, 2023).

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