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Dr. Nand Ram

Dr. Nand Ram

Professor of Practice – Soil Science (Agri)

School of Agriculture

Dr. Nand Ram stands as distinguished Professor realms of academia and research, boasting over four decades of illustrious experience. Presently, he holds the prestigious position of Professor of Practice in School of Agriculture at the esteemed Lingayas Vidyapeeth in Faridabad. His academic credentials are truly remarkable, having first division throughout his academic career and obtained Ph.D. in Soil Science from prestigious G. B. Pant Univ. of  Agri. & Tech. (GBPUAT) Pantnagar and Post doctorate from State University Ghent,
Belgium under Indo-Belgian Cultural Relations Program. He participated in a training course on Simulation modelling under Rice-Wheat System at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Manila, Philippines. His field of specialization are Soil Fertility Evaluation, Maintenance of Soil Health by Integrated Nutrient Management and Heavy Metal Soil Pollution.

He worked at GBPUAT Pantnagar on various positions and retired as Prof. & Head, Soil Science. He was Visiting Scientist at Godollo Agricultural University, Hungary under Indo- Hungarian Cultural Exchange Program. He worked as Prof. under World Bank Program at two Ethiopian Universities of Mekele and Hawassa. He was Coordinator P. G. at A.K.S. University, Satna, M.P., and Dean Agriculture at M.V.N.Univ. Palwal. He was the Project Leader of All India Coordinated Research Project on Long-Term Fertilizer Experiments and Co-Project Leader of Soil Test Crop Response project as well as Incharge, Soil Testing Lab.
GBPUAT Pantnagar.

He published 5 books & Bulletins, 76 research papers in national and International journals of repute, 39 technical articles in agricultural magazines; presented 19 research papers in seminars/conferences. His 12 radio talks were broadcasted from All India Radio, Rampur and 3 T.V.talks live telecasted from Krishi Door Darshan, Delhi. He advised 4 Ph.D., 16 M.Sc.  Ag. students for thesis research, and organized 3 farmers day/conferences. He studied French in Belgium for 18 months and taught French language under Liberal
Education Program/Hotel Management for 12 years at GBPUAT Pantnagar, Rohilkhand Univ. Bareilly as well as IIHM Faridabad and Hawassa Univ. Ethiopia.

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Research Papers Published:

1. Dinku Dessalegn, Sheleme Beyene, Nand Ram, Fran Walley and Tekleab S. Gala (2014). Effects of topography and land use on soil characteristics along the toposequence of Ele watershed in southern Ethiopia. Catena 115:47-54.

2. Nand Ram. Turcsanyi, G. and Fuleky G.(2012). Comparison of bio- and mineral – solids for the mobility of heavy metals in a Hungarian mine spoil. Carp. J. Earth Environ. Sci. 7 (1):185-192

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4. Titab Das, Shri Ram and Nand Ram (2011).Effect of long term application inorganic fertilizers and manures on yields, nutrient uptake and grain quality of wheat unde rice-wheat cropping system in a mollisol.Pantnagar J. Res. 9(2) :214-220.

5.Singh, A. P. Nand Ram and Veer Singh (2010). Impact of 3-decades of fertilizer use on the availability of DTPA – extractable micronutrients and its comparison with other extractants on a mollisol of North India. Environ Ecol. 28(1B): 523-529.

6.Agarwal. M., Nand Ram and Shri Ram. (2010). Long-term effect of inorganic fertilizers and manure on physical and chemical properties of soil after 35 years of continuous cropping of rice-wheat. Pantnagar J. Res. 8 (1):76-80

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5. Verma, R.K. and Nand Ram (2001). Impact of 20 years of fertilizer use on soil fertility and response of wheat to N, P and K. Presented at the “International Symposium on Importance of Potassium on Nutrient Management for Sustainable Crop Production in India” held at New Delhi, India, Dec.3-5.

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