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Dr. Manisha Vashisht

Dr. Manisha Vashisht

Associate Professor

Department of CSE

▪ With 22 years of experience across academics, industry, and freelance work, including 2 years in IT industry content development and technical training, I bring a wealth of expertise to my role.
▪ Over 13 years in Academics as faculty of Computer Science, holding a PhD in Computer Sciences using AI from Manav Rachna International University.
▪ Dedicated to providing students with essential skills in cutting-edge  technologies like AI, data analytics, and cloud computing, ensuring they have a competitive edge in the IT industry.
▪ Actively develop and maintain a strong network of industry leaders, organizing webinars with senior IT professionals to provide students with valuable insights and guidance.
▪ Published multiple research papers in reputed journals and hold  patents for innovative technologies, including a machine learning-based device for disease diagnosis and a chip to control an oxygen concentrator with a filter.
▪ Certified in Qlik Sense, Python and Power BI, I am a passionate educator committed to fostering intellectual curiosity and helping students achieve their full potential.


▪ Ph.D (CSE) at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies ( 2018 – 2023)
▪ M.E (Computer Sciences) from CITM, affiliated to MD University, Rohtak with first division, completed in 2008
▪ B.E. (Computer Science and Engineering), from MD University, with first division, completed in 1999)

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2. M. Vashisht and B. Kumar, “A Survey Paper on Object Detection Methods in Image Processing,” 2020
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4. Vashisht M., Kumar B. (2021) Traffic Sign Recognition Using Multi-layer Color Texture and Shape Feature Based on Neural Network Classifier. In: Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Page 4 of 4 Engineering. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 179. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-33-4687-1_46

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6. M. Vashisht and B. Kumar, “Effective Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms using 3D color
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7. M. Vashisht and B. Kumar, “Traffic Sign Recognition Approach using Artificial Neural Network and
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8. M. Vashisht and B. Kumar, “Robust Classification of Traffic Signs using MRMR Feature Reduction
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Workshops & Training:
▪ Conducted a workshop on ChatGPT for technical and non-technical staff.
▪ Authored a blog on Generative AI featured on the university website.

Patents Granted:
▪ Machine learning-based device for disease diagnosis.
▪ Machine learning-based chip to control an oxygen concentrator with a filter.

List of Certifications

• Power BI
• Qlik Sense
• Python

• Data Platform & Analytics Foundational for Data Platform Competency
• Azure Data Services (17490)
• Azure Fundamentals course (Microsoft Learning path)
• Introduction to Machine Learning with Python and Azure Notebooks
(Microsoft Learning path)

• Python for Computer Vision: Object (Traffic Sign) Detection

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: From 2015 – Till date
• The Vision of Ullas is that Every high school student should have a MENTOR, as he traverses the most
vulnerable stage in his life – Adolescence. http://ullastrust.org/
• In collaboration with Ullas, as a Volunteer regularly conducting various workshops (diary of dreams,
touch the soil, planning workshops, academic courses on computer sciences) for students of classes
IX to XII at government schools in multiple villages under Faridabad region

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