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Because of India's recent increasing urbanisation, there is a greater need for infrastructure development.As a result, the infrastructure sector is in need of highly qualified people. Due to this circumstance, the expanding Indian architecture sector has a wealth of chances for students interested in a career in architecture.Unlike other creative and artistic fields, architecture consistently reflects the time and culture in which it was made.

This means that it has a larger sociocultural role than just providing shelter. Architects design the homes, offices, institutions, and public parks, theatres, industries, sports arenas, malls and services that make our lives easier, including bridges and tunnels, that we enjoy every day.

At the School of Architecture and Planning, Diploma in Architecture is available after compleyiinof class Xth. The goal of this three year full-time course is to inculcate the skill of organizing, creating and building different kinds of built forms using a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge.Every stage of any building project, including designing, supervising, and carrying out the construction, involves the involvement of a skilled architect. The development of technology has made it more challenging to design a building. A balance between the attractiveness of the contemporary and the classic building types is becoming more and more important for architects. To assure the attainment of sustainable development goals, architects are currently moti ated to design environmentally friendly living areas.

Candidates who are interested in becoming architects must have the drive to learn problem solving techniques as well as a rational and artistic attitude. The school instils judgement and a visual vocabulary.

No. of Seats 120
Years 5
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No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-101 Architecture Design-I 5
2 DAR-103 Building Construction-I 3
3 DAR-105 History of Architecture – I 3
4 DAR-107 Architecture Graphic-I 5
5 DAR-151 Computer Application in Architecture – I 2
6 DAR-153 Presentation Skills 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-102 Architecture Design-II 4
2 DAR-104 Building Construction-II 3
3 DAR-106 History of Architecture – II 2
4 DAR-108 Architecture Graphic-II 3
5 DAR-110 Climatology 2
6 DAR-112 Building Services-I 2
7 DAR-152 Computer Application in Architecture – II 2
8 DAR-154 Surveying & Levelling 2
9 DAR-156 Summer Internship-I** 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-201 Architecture Design-III 5
2 DAR-203 Building Construction-III 3
3 DAR-205 History of Architecture – III 2
4 DAR-207 Building Services -II 2
5 DAR-209A Sociology and Psychology 2
6 DAR-209B Theory of Design 2
7 DAR-251 Computer Applications in Architecture-III 2
8 DAR-252 Winter Internship-II** 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-202 Architectural Design – IV 4
2 DAR-204 Building Construction-IV 3
3 DAR-206 History of Architecture – IV 2
4 DAR-208 Architecture Graphic-III 3
5 DAR-210 Building Services – III 2
6 DAR-212 Estimation & Costing – I 2
7 DAR-214A Low Cost Architecture 2
8 DAR-214B Architectural Journalism 2
9 DAR-252 Computer Application in Architecture – IV 2
10 DAR-254 Summer Internship – I** 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-301 Architecture Design-V 5
2 DAR-303 Building Construction-V 3
3 DAR-305 Building Services IV 2
4 DAR-307 Estimation & Costing-II 3
5 DAR-309A Disaster Mitigation & Management 2
6 DAR-309B Sustainable Cities & Energy Compliance 2
7 DAR-351 Computer Application in Architecture-V 2
8 DAR-353 Winter Internship –III** 2
No. of Seats Codes Subject Title Cr.
1 DAR-302 Architecture Design-VI 9
2 DAR-304 Building Construction-VI 3
3 DAR-306A Human Values 3
4 DAR-306B Building Economics 2
5 DAR-352 Computer Application in Architecture VI 2
6 DAR-354 Summer Internship-II** 1

Career Prospects

    Architectural Assistant
  • Architectural Draftsman
  • Contractor
  • Site supervisor
    Private Sectors
  • Larsen &Tubro
  • Arcop
  • Fountainhead
  • Goel and Associates
    Government Sector
  • Military Engineering Services
  • Public Works Department
  • Central Public Works Department
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Why Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth?

Established in 1998, Lingaya’s Group is one of the fastest-growing educational groups in India. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth Faridabad is one of the best institutions in the NCR. We provide a wide range of courses and career options to its students. Our vision is to be the best private university in the country especially in Delhi NCR by providing students with a curriculum that imparts appurtenant understanding and essential skills to develop in their chosen fields. The students can choose various courses from various disciplines including B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Tech., BBA, BA LLB, M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.Tech., MBA, and many more along with various Diploma courses. Our faculty of all the disciplines are well trained and experienced in the field to guide the students better. At Lingaya’s, learning is through Innovative Teaching Methodology, International Collaborations, Hands-On Experiences and Industry Partnership. This type of learning process provides a 360-degree development of the students preparing them for the corporate world. The campus is cleaned and well maintained with an excellent infrastructure providing facilities like canteens, laboratories, library, smart classroom and many more. Also international collaborations and industry partnerships provide a very good placement opportunities for the students to create a vibrant and colourful future.


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