The University offers separate hostels for boys and girls supervised 24X7 by wardens and vigilant security personnel. Apart from the infrastructural soundness, both the hostels provide sufficient scope for interaction and relationship building. It provides a congenial atmosphere that gives new students optimal scope to know their seniors, learn from them, leverage their knowledge and build lasting relations with them. The hostels also provide neat and green environment with sports facilities for the students to relax and enjoy their stay.The hostels have mess facility where students can enjoy nutritious and hygienic food.

The hostel facilities majorly comprises of following

  • AC/ Non-AC Rooms
  • Furnished rooms
  • Plasma TV with Dish Connection in Common Room
  • Guest Rooms for visiting Parents
  • Swimming Pool
  • Emergency Ambulance Service
  • 24 x 7 Wi-Fi connectivity in Hostels
  • Mess Service
  • Transport facility for outing on weekends.
  • CCTV surveilance
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry services
  • Mini-Library
  • Sick Bay
  • Running Hot Water for Bathrooms
  • 24 Hrs. Power Backup by generators
  • 24 x 7 Security Guards for Entry Checks in Hostels
  • Hostel for International Students


    For International Students:

    • 1. Ragging is strictly prohibited in any form, if anyone is found guilty, strict action will be initiated against defaulters, as per the UGC Regulations on Curbing Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutes, 2009, and the instructions issued by the University in this regard from time to time.

    • 2. Substance abuse, smoking/chewing of tobacco and related substances, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and narcotics and even possession of such things is strictly banned in the hostel. Anyone found indulging in such things, a fine of up to Rs. 30,000 (Rs Thirty Thousand only) will be imposed.

    • 3. A possession of any lethal weapons or any instrument/contrivance, which is likely to cause physical harm to others, is strictly prohibited.

    • 4. All girl students are expected to be back in the hostel by 22:00 hrs (in summer) and by 21:00hrs (in winter) in the night. All students are required to sign on the attendance register kept with the hostel/manager/Rector positively on or before the stipulated time. Any student who fails to do so/refuses will be liable for disciplinary action. The parents and guardians will also be notified regarding their absence and explanations will be sought in writing.

    • 5. Students on maternity ward duties have to submit the schedule signed by concerned HoD well in advance to the warden and seek permission from the hostel.

    • 6. Medical curriculum is very rigorous and requires regular studies. So medical students will be allowed to be away from hostel only for one day in a month, in exceptional cases, with prior permission of the warden.

    • 7. The permission of the warden should be obtained in advance while going out of the hostel. The student will have to make entry to that effect in the register maintained at the hostel office. He/She must write the address of the place where he/she is going, along with contact telephone number.

    • 8. A fine of Rs. 10000 will be imposed if any external /unauthorized person/student is identified along with a student in the hostel room/mess without prior permission of warden/manager/rector repeated offence will be lead to expulsion from the hostel.

    • 9. Students are personally responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables like Cash, Jewelry, Laptop, Mobiles and any other expensive items. Students should use their own locks and should take proper care of their belongings. Make sure while leaving rooms should be locked properly to avoid any kind of theft.

    • 10. Students are not authorized to go out of station/leave station/night leave without prior permission obtained from the parents or their institute mentors in writing through their registered email ID, etc. and express permission of the warden. A fine of Rs. 2000 per day will be imposed if any student is going on leave/home or elsewhere without prior permission from the Hostel Warden/manager/Rector. All such cases will be liable for strict disciplinary action which may even lead to expulsion from Hostel/restriction for University.

    • 11. Students are not allowed to take Hostel’s newspapers to their room at any time.

    • 12. Misuse of electrical appliances utility services AC, like coolers, refrigerator, Fan etc. should be avoided and care should be taken.

    • 13. Students should take care of handling the hostel equipment’s, furniture, and mess properties and not to abuse or tamper with it. If they do so, applicable fine will be charged by the Hostel management.

    • 14. Students must switch off all lights and fans, and electrical appliances including mosquito repelling machines, if any, before leaving their rooms.

    • 15. Private cooking is not allowed in the Hostel premise. If anyone is found guilty, than a fine up to Rs. 15000 can be imposed and / or disciplinary action will be taken on the recommendation of the Hostel management.

    • 16. Students are not supposed to use any electrical Equipments/Gadgets in the hostel room such as induction plate, room heater, electrical Kettle, Electric Iron, Immersion Rod, Refrigerator etc. without prior permission of authority. A fine of Rs. 10000 is imposed if anyone is found using the same for the first time and Rs. 15000 for the second time with confiscation of Gadgets/Equipments. A fine of Rs. 30000 or more is imposed if anyone is found using third time onwards and strict disciplinary action will be taken against them as decided by authorities.

    • 17. No functions or celebration shall be organized at hostel premises except with the prior permission of the Warden/manager/rector.

    • 18. Students are not permitted to take food to their own rooms. A fine up to Rs. 5000 will be imposed if anyone is found doing it.

    • 19. Students will not enter rooms of other students without permission of the inmate(s).

    • 20. Playing music/record player etc. loud enough to cause disturbance to his/her neighbor(s) strictly is prohibited. Defaulters will be punished. Repeated acts will render cancellation of allotment of Hostel room.

    • 21. Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the hostel authorities. Students suffering from contagious disease will not be allowed to stay at hostel. Decision of the Warden/manager/rector in this regard will be final and binding.

    • 22. Students are requested not to paste or sketch on the walls and doors of their rooms. The furniture and fixture as per inventory list must be handed over to the designated staff member. Any damage/breakage to hostel property (Hostel Rooms common amanities lobby etc) will be charged to the occupant(s) of the room along with penalty as decided by the competent authority. Disciplinary action may also be initiated.

    • 23. All matters relating to differences among students and complaint need to be brought to the notice of the hostel administration immediately.

    • 24. Students indulging in use of abusive and threatening language, physical fights, use of force, etc. to get anything accomplished, etc. will be liable to disciplinary action. Further, they are liable to be expelled from the hostel/ University.

    • 25. Students during their stay in the hostel will be governed by the hostel management rules. Students are instructed to co-operate with Warden/manager/rector as well as other staff of the Hostel/ University.

    • 26. Students will ensure that they will enter their complete details in the in-out register. Wrong entry, improper/lack of entry in exit register , signing on behalf of another person, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguidance of any nature are punishable.

    • 27. Students are requested to visit the Notice Board regularly. All instructions/notices displayed on Notice Board in the Hostels will be deemed to have been read by all students and excuses of ignorance and consequent to non-compliance of the rules and instructions put up from time to time will not be accepted.

    • 28. Spitting is strictly prohibited and the hostel premises are to be kept neat and clean.

    • 29. The Hostel/University authorities will conduct surprise checks periodically and if anyone is found violating the rules, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

    • 30. Students have to mark their attendance on biometric machine at the stipulated time daily. Non-compliance of the same is liable to fine with strict disciplinary action.

    For Guest/ Visitors:

    • 1. Guests are not allowed to stay in the hostels.

    • 2. Visitors (Parents, relatives, Local guardians) are allowed to visit the hostellers in the Guest Room only, with the permission of Warden/manager/rector after entering their details in the Visitor’s Register available at the Hostel Reception/with the security guard.

    • 3. Visitors must leave the premises before 1900 hrs except on special occasion on which the warden has given permission for the extended hours.

    Regarding Room Allotment:

    • 1. Allotment of Room, Furniture etc. will be entirely at the discretion of the Warden/manager/rector.

    • 2. Hostel accommodation (Room) is liable to be changed by the University at the end of the year academic year of if necessary, at any point of time in exceptional circumstances.

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