1. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

2. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in:

3. Masters of Technology in

4. Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering)



S.No. Name of the Infrastructural facilities Quantity Details
1. Departmental Library 1 700 Reference books
2. Number of class rooms with dedicated Smart Classroom 14 12 (B. Tech. and M .Tech.)
3. Number of labs 18
4. Seminar Hall 1 With ICT Facility
5. Central Workshop 1 Machine shop, carpentry shop, foundry shop, sheet metal, fitting shop, Welding shop
6. Automobile Workshop 1 Wheel alignment, wheel balancing, Hydraulic lift, Washing bay, etc.
7. Internet Facility Wi-Fi Campus

Faculty Profile


B.Tech : Mechanical Engineering |4 Year Programme| (Download) download
B.Tech : Mechanical and Automobile Engineering |4 Year Programme| (Download) download
M.Tech |2 Year Programme| (Download) download
Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering (Download) download


To be known as a premier department in mechanical engineering by synergizing teaching, learning and research to produce competent Mechanical Engineers with an exposure to interdisciplinary engineering knowledge


MD1: Create an effective foundation in the field of production, design, thermal, industrial and automation engineering by imparting quality education.

MD2: Conduct interdisciplinary research leading to the delivery of innovative technologies through Problem and Research Based Learning.

MD3: Provide relevant industrial experience that instills the problem-solving approach; integrate the product design to manufacturing life cycle management.

MD4: Prepare students for careers in academia and various industrial organization related to mechanical and allied engineering.


HOD's Desk

Prof.(Dr.) Maniraj M, is the Associate Dean of the Department of Civil and Mechanical and Engineering, Galgotias Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. Dr. Maniraj M, received the Ph.D. Degree from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, in 2014. The M.E. Degree in Industrial Engineering, from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai in 2000 and the B.E.(Distinction) Degree in Mechanical Engg. form Coimbatore Institure of Technology, Coimbatore under Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore in 1997.

Prof. (Dr) Maniraj M’s areas of research interest are Process planning, Manufacturing systems, Optimization techniques, Artificial Intelligence etc . He has been guiding Graduates and Post graduates in pursuing research oriented project and also helping in publications in the above areas . He has over 19 years of teaching and research experience with reputed Institutions and Universities.

Lab Equipment Details

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab “Pin Fin in Natural & Forced Convertion Apparatus(1), Heat Transfer Through Composite wall(1), Thermal Conductivity of metal rod apparatus(1), Emissivity Measurment apparatus(1), Radiation test rig apparatus (Project model of Students)(1) , Heat exchanger test rig (Parallel& Counter flow) Project model by Students(1), Shell & Tube Type heat exchanger(1)” K-209 7
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Mechanical heat pump testing(1), Vapecer Compression test rig(1), Ice – Candy test rig, Air Conditioning test rig(1), Window Air Conditioning(1), Cut Section Comp (model)(Reciprocating)A/c(1), Refrigerator 165 Ltr without bulb & Insulation (Kelvinator)(1), Water dispenser (demo) Dismental state only for Student Study(1), Portable room cooler(1), Cut Models Panel board(1), Psychro meter(1), Solar powered A/c (model)(1), Vapour Absoraption Model(1) K-208 12
Computer Aided Design Lab Software- Pro – E Wildfive(PTC) Software (500 Users), Solid Works Software, CATIA (113m Software), NIST CD, Auto Cad 2000 Computer (44), TV 42″ (1), Printer (1), Sound Box (TCL) (Super Woofer)(1), Scanner(1) k-202 48
Strength of Material Lab Universal Testing Machine (1), Rock well hardness testing machine(1), Brinell Microscope(1), Ericsson(Erichsen) testing machine(1), Impact Testing Machine(1), Torsion Testing Rig(1), Simple Supported beam(1), Vernier calliper(1), Polygon of force experiment(1), Torsion Set up(1), Castigliano’s Theorem Test rig(1), Normal / Shear strain Set up(1), Buckling Set up(1), Grodually / Impact Load Exp(1),Flywheel(1) K-110 15
Materials Science Lab Metallurgical microscope(3), Muffle “”Furnace(1), Creep testing equipment(2), Brava’s Lattices-Models(1), Corrosion, Boll Models (SC /BCC/FCP/HCP /Models Of Unites Cells)testing Set Up equipment(1), Specimen Preparation Rig for Microstructure(1) K-110 10
Kinematics of Machine and Dynamics of Machine Lab Kinematics of Machine and Dynamics of Machine Universal vibration apparatus(1), Whirlling Shaft Demonstration Apparatus with control pannel(1), Vibration box set up(1), Double Beam With Motor(1), Pitching and bouncing(1), Motor Fix On Vibrations Modles(3), Springs(13), Accelorometor(1), Vibro Meter(1), Head Bearing Balancing Machine(1), Governer Apparatus(1), Gyroscope(with Variac) Motorized(1), Static & Dynamic Balancing Machine Appratus(1), Epicyclic Gear(1), Sewing Machine(1), Face Cam drive (Double sided) with followers(1), Gear Hobbing(1), Centrifugal Mechanism and clutch Drive(1), Geneva Drive (1), Internal gear and pinion drive(1), Ellipse Tracer(1), Crank shaft and slider Mechanism(1), Scotch yoke Mechanism(1), Reversing gear(1), Cone clutch drive single sided(1), Crank and connecting rod(1), Allen link motion(1), Two crank and linkage drive(1), Belt drive multi speed(1), Crank drive to oscillating link(1), Four bar link Mechanism(1), Shaper Model(1), Peaucellier linkage drive(1), Crank and slotted link drive(1), Pentograph Mechanism(1), Differential Gear(1), Tangent cam with roller oscillator follower(1), Plate cam with flat Faced(1), Translating cam(1), End cam with Translating Follower(1), Cylindrical cam with Translating Follower(1), Universal Coupling(1), Hooks coupling single(1), Oldham Coupling(1), Gyroscope Model(1), Gear Tooth profile Model(2), Model of eccentric(1), Bycycle model gyroscope(1), Spring testing rig(1), Digital Tachometer DT – 2234 A(1), Fatigue Testing Rig(1), Digital Tachometer DT – 2235 B(1), Trifiller Apparatus(1), Vehicle window glass operating Mechanism(1), Flat Belt drive with tensioner(1), Kuka robort Model(1), Pendulam Model By Store (1), Centrifugal Mechanism and clutch Drive(1), Conical Friction clutch(1), Pulley belt set up(1), Rope brake Dyanamometer(1), Prony Brake Dyanamometer(1), Toggle Mechanism (1) K-207 78
Kinematics Model- Accentric Mechanism(1), Grashof’s and Mechanism Crank-Crank(1), Iustantaneous Center Machanism(1), Parallelogram Mechanism(1), 4-Bar Mechanism Inversions(1), 4-Bar Non Grashof’s Mechanism Inversions(1), Equivalent Linkages Mechanism(1), 4-Mechanism(1), Loader Dumper 1 – 2 DOF(1), Leader Dumper 3 DOF(1), Syntheses (Position) Mechanism(1), A Fly Wheel Apparatus(1), Set Up of Linkages(1), Pendulam(1), Shaper Model(1), Accentric Mechanism(1), Grashof’s Mechanism Double Crank(1), Instantaneous center(1), Non grashof’s mechanism inversions(1), Equivalent Linkages Mechanism(1), Kinematic Analysis Of Plane Mechanisms(2)Lab
Thermal Engineering and Internal Combustion Engines & Gas Turbines Lab Computerised VCR Engine test Rig(1), Cylinder 4.4 Stroke (FIAT) petrol Engine test ring(1), Diesel Engine single Cylender/4 Stroke test ring(1), Diesel Engine Testing 2 Cylinder 4 stroke(1), Orsat apparatus(1), Petrol Engine 2 Str single cylinder (Scooter)(1), Simple Vertical Boiler(1), Calibration of pressure gauge(1), Generator for bio diesel(1), Bio Diesel Reactor ( S. Project)(1), Model of Babcock Wilcox boiler(1), Half Cut Seel Section Model(1), Four Stroke Petrol Engine(1), Two Stroke Petrol Engine(1), Four Stroke Diesel Engine(1), Heat Transfer from forced convection(2), Reaction turbine model (1), Spring Loaded Safety Valve(2), Heat transfer in Natural convection(1) K-108 33
Thermal Models – Model of feed check valve(1),Dead weight safety valve model(1),Steam stop valve (1), Spring loaded safety value model(2), Float steam trap-model(1), Lever safety valve model(1), High Steam & Low Water Sefty Valve(1), Reaction turbine Model(pure)(1), Air or stream pressure turbine(1), Steam injector (1), Implease Turbine(1), Lan Cashire Boiler Model(1)
Fluid Machines Lab Centrifugal pump(1), Reciprocating Pump(1), Francis turbine(1), Gear Oil Pump(1), Pelton wheel turbine 1 KW(1), Hydraulic ram Test Rig(1), Kaplan turbine (model)(Non Writing Model)(1), Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus(1), Venturimeter & Orificemeter(1), Impact of jet apparatus(1), Matacentric Height apparatus(1), Notch apparatus (1), Orifice mouth pice apparatus(1), Pipe Friction apparatus(1), Reynolds Number apparatus(1) K-107/ K-106 15
Automobile Section
Engine Cut Section Lab SKM 6904 bajaj supreme scooter, [1], Bajaj Chetak – Cut Section, [1], Chassis Tractor Complete, [1], DAC Chassis Gypsy Complete, [1], Chassis Car (Fiat) cut section with base stand, [1], Chassis Two Wheeler (Bajaj Chetak) DDE 2895, [1], Mac Person Strut Single Support, Brakes chassis Layout Setup, Front Axle, Leaf Spring, Rack & Penion Power Steering, (Fitted on chassis model), [1], Hand Drill Machine Laser Make, [1], Hall Type Honning Machine, [1] K 101 10
Elements of Auto Engg Lab GEAR BOX Cut Sections K-205 50
Synchromesh gear box comp, [1], Synchromesh sub assy comp, [1], Clash Mash Model, [1], Collar Shift Model, [1], Planetary Gear box, [1], LML Power Train Set Up with Complete Engine , [1]
Raer Axle, [3], CVJ Front, 4, Tie Rods, [2], Ball Joints, [2]
Clutch assy, Diaphragm & Spring, [2]+[2], Pressure Plate, [2], Clutch plates asstd, 7, Wet Multi plate clutch, [1]
Leaf Spring – assorted, 4, Mac Pherson Strut Wishbone, [1], Dampers assorted, 4
Tyres & Rims (Old) assorted (Cut section Radial & Bias) Fitted on chassis model at K101], 4
Gear Pump, [1], Oil Pump M800 cut section, [1]
Ball Bearings, Roller Brgs, Taper Roller Brgs, Spherical roller, [Lot] Double Row brgs, Thrust brgs, Clutch brgs, Angular contact, brgs, Self alinging brgs, Needle brgs etc ,
Asstd Gears, Spur, Helical, Crossed helical, Crown penion,, Lot, Set sprial bevel, Star & penion set, lot, Sub sleeve set, Gear shift, lever, Fork gear shift mech, Comp input ,shaft w/cupler gear, [lot]
Diagnostic Lab TIGHTENING TOOL K-105 18
Bosch Elect Nut R’uner, [1]
Training Board “”Can Bus System”” incl Driver Door and Battery Complete, [1], Training Board “”Automotive Electric System Stand, Power Supply Unit 230/12V-20 A, [1], Training Board Motoronic 7.5 Injection System on W.H EE LED and Power Supply Unit, [1], Training Passenger
Golf Car Complete Set of Transparent Over Head , Models consisting of 9 Pcs, [1], Pneumatic Operated Disc Brake, [1], Valvetronic, [1], Synchromesh assy with locking gear, [1], Wheel Alignment, [1] Common Rail High Pressure Pump, [1], Common Rail Piezo Injector, [1], Variable Compression ratio system, [1], Planetary Gear train system, [1], Drum Brake with sparking brake, [1], Set of Sectioned Instructional Models consisting of [2 Pcs], Piezo Injector, [1], Pump Injector, [1]
STC Work Shop Mig Welding M/c [1], Spot Welding M/c, [1], Wheel Alignment M/c, [1], Brake Bleeding M/c, [1], Wheel Balancer Elgi, [1], , Exhaust Gas Analizer[1], Tool post Lift (Electrical) [2], Body Repair Crash Syatem,[1],Compressor [1]. STC Work Shop 10
STC Work Shop (Engine Section) Engine assembly( Maruti 800, Maruti Van, Nissan), [3]+[1]+[1], Gear Box Assembly(Maruti) [3], Automatic Gear Assembly (Nissan) [1], Differential Assembly(Maruti) [2], Suspension System (Mc Pearson) [2], Diesal Pump(In line) [2], STC Work Shop (Engine Section) 15
MACHINE SHOP Sharper Machine [1], Gear Milling Cutter[1], Bench drill Machine [2], Bench Grinder Machine [1], Milling Machine Vertical[1], Centre Lathe[4], Centre Lathe DH [2], Center Lathe kirloskar [1], Milling Machine Horizontal [1], Punching Machine [1], CNC Trainer Lathe Machine [1], Power Press [1], EDM [1], Hacksaw Macine[1], Surface Grinding Machine [1].M1TR Milling Machine 1. K-102 A 21
MOULDING SECTION Oil Furnace,[1], Crucible, [1], Cope and Drag, [10]. K 102 B 12
PAINTING SHOP Air compressors (3HP), [1], Air Compressor ([1]HP), [1], Spray Machine,[1], Portable blower, [1] K 102 C 4
WELDING AND FORGING Forging Furnace, [1], Arc Welding Machine 350 amp, [2], Pipe Cutting Machine, [1], Arc Welding Machine, [3], Pipe bending Machine, [1], Spot Welding Machine, [1], MIG Welding Machine, [1], Welding machine Honda, [1], Hand grinder, [1], Hand Shearing Machine, [1], TIG Welding Machine 200Amp, [1], Pipe Cutting M/C (portable), [1] K 103 A 15
CARPENTRY SECTION Wood Cutting Machine, [1], Hand Drilling & Hammering Machine, 2, Wooden Cutter, [1], Planner Electric, [1], Band Saw Machine , [1], Shanding Machine (Shaper), [1], Flate Pulley (Patta) for Wood Turning / Satap Pulley 4X1B for Wood Turning / Tapper wheel 6X3/8X3175 Black for be / Motor Electric 2HP SP for Bend Saw Machine, [1], Router machine portable (Oswal), [1], W.T.Set Heavy for wood Turning L/M, [1], Zig Saw machine , [1], Drill Machine (Dual Driver Compact Cordless), [1] K-103 B 12
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