Diploma in Agriculture Science (DAS)


There has been a steady transformation of Indian agriculture from the food-deficit subsistence farming to food-self-sufficient commercial farming. Modern technologies, dedicated efforts of Indian farmers and the programmatic support of Central and State governments have all contributed significantly for the current land mark (2017-18) achievement of 277.49 million tons of food production. However, for sustaining this growth rate and achieving the required food grain production, multi-prolonged strategy, including effective and efficient farm information delivery mechanism, is required.

In India, there are approx 03 lakh practicing agri-input dealers, who are the prime source of farm information to the farming community. The first contact point for majority of farmers is the agri-input dealer. While purchasing different inputs required for farming operations, the farmer naturally tries to find out from the input dealer about the usage of inputs, both in terms of quality and quantity. However, most of these input dealers do not have formal agricultural education. If these input dealers can be shaped as para-extension professionals by providing requisite knowledge, they can professionalise extension services and contribute to bring a paradigm shift in Indian Agriculture.

It is in this context, the National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) had designed a one-year diploma course titled ‘Diploma in Agriculture Science (DAS)’, which imparts relevant and location-specific agricultural education to equip these input dealers with sufficient knowledge to transform them into para-extension professionals so as to enable them to address the day-to-day problems being faced by the farmers at field level.

Mission of the course

To transform practicing input dealers into para-extension professionals thereby strengthening the agricultural extension system so as to enable these input dealers to serve the farmers better.


  • Orientation of input dealers on location-specific crop production technologies of broad-based agriculture with reference to field problems
  • Building the capacity of input dealers in efficient handling of Inputs
  • To impart knowledge about the laws governing regulation of agricultural Inputs
  • To make input dealers an effective source of farm information at the village level (one stop shop) for the farmers


Lingayas Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) is eligible and authorized to offer DAS course in accordance to the Gazette of India No. 83/GSR 106(E),dated 1st February,2017, notified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India (Department of Agriculture, Co-Operation and Farmers welfare), central government Rules No. 2.


Technical: To make the dealers technically more competent, topics like agro-climatic conditions, soils, soil analysis, land use planning, Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), Plant protection, Pesticides Management, Farm mechanization and Crop Production Technology in respect of all major crops being grown in the district, including horticultural crops etc. are covered.

Extension Management: To improve Communication Skills, a few sessions on Extension Education, Extension Methods etc., are offered.

Personality Development: Topics on the importance of Meditation, Business Principles and Business ethics are covered. Other general topics like National Integration, Privatization, Liberalization, Globalization, WTO regime etc., are also covered. 

Legal: Laws related to Agricultural Inputs (Seed Act and Seed Rules, Fertilizer Control Order and Insecticides Act and Rules), Essential Commodities Act, Consumer Protection Act, Limitation Act, to the extent relevant to input dealers, are also covered.


The course is open to all the practicing input dealers, who have appeared at least for 10th standard exam, and to candidates sponsored by the input Agencies/agribusiness companies/agri-cooperatives etc.


One Year (2 Semesters, 6 months each)


Exams will be conducted twice a year i.e. in June and December in the campus only as per the rules and regulations of Lingayas Vidyapeeth


  • 27,000 (Twenty Seven thousand rupees in two equal installments)
  • 26,000 ( If paid in one time at the time of admission)
  • Fee payment can only be made through DD/Cheque/RTGS/NEFT in favor of “Lingayas Society DAS”

Bank Account details

Bank Account details          

A/C Name - Lingayas Society DAS

Bank  -  Indian Bank

Branch  - Saket, New Delhi – 110030

Current A/C - 6551628570


  • Kindly note that Fee once paid will not be refundable in any case
  • No Cash payments will be accepted (Cash can only be deposited in the designated bank account details provided above)

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