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About School

Lingaya’s is a leading law college in Delhi NCR offering BBA LLB – Bachelor of Legislative Law course to students who desire to enter in the field of judiciary and law. Those who are passionate to become lawyers, advocates, law officers, law lecturers, or enter the judiciary system can pursue the course. We are among top private law colleges located/situated/positioned in Faridabad that prepares candidates with an intrinsic comprehension of the law, in addition to the analytical, critical and strategic thinking ability which are imperative for the field of law.

The Curriculum is designed in order to allow an able understanding of Indian legal system and is comprised of a total of 6 semesters that encompasses subjects such as Family Law, International Law, Taxation Law, Torts Law, Constitutional Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Human Rights Law, International Economic Law, etc. Apart from the curriculum, we also organize regular seminars, moot court sessions, and internships where candidates get an opportunity to work alongside senior advocates who are representing their clients in front of the court. This will help scholars to develop their problem-solving, communication, and judgment skills. This law institute in Faridabad also trains students in order to give them a clear apprehension of the balance between the Legislation, the Executive, and the Judiciary.

After completing BBA LLB from this renowned Law college, students can also opt for various specializations in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Corporate or Business Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Cyber Law, Intellectual and Patent Law, Constitutional and International Law, etc. Aside from this, we help our students find employment in government and private services, legal outsourcing, writing journals, reports, articles and much more.


To be a globally recognized School of Law that creates specialist legal professionals who further enhance the growth of law and promote justice.


  • To promote cause of justice by creating law professionals who understand role of law and legal institutions.
  • To generate a pool of deployable /employable law professionals in specialized domains such as Criminal law, Civil law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Cyber law, Taxation Law,Labor Law, Banking, Insurance, Financial Regulations and International Economic Law etc.,through structured programs.
  • To provide an ecosystem that promotes development of world-class faculty who will exhibit desirable scholarship of teaching, application and discovery.
  • To integrate law with emerging disciplines and evolve as a thought leader in the chosen fields of law by undertaking cutting edge research and advisory activities.
  • To engage with law professionals and be abreast with global knowledge and legal practices.
  • To instil ethics and lifelong learning skills in the students of School of law.

Honorary Eminent Mentors

HOD's Desk


Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma

Associate Dean and Professor

It is a matter of proud privilege for us to welcome the students to Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Deemed-to-be-University (Formerly known as Lingaya’s University), where they are right at the doorsteps of a new life and career.

This esteemed institution has been the first choice of thousands of students and their parents based on its legacy and availability of all necessary facilities to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

The university has a green campus, well-equipped labs, well-stacked libraries, round-the-clock internet and hostel facilities that give the feeling of a home away from home, away from home. We aim to pass cultural values, focus on world-class education, and groom our students into successful professionals with a human touch.

Wishing the students success and a bright career ahead.

Lingaya's Group

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