Community Services

Lingaya's Vidyapeeth, besides imparting professional Education to its students in emerging areas but is also aware of its responsibility towards Society at large. With this objective in view, the Vidyapeeth has adopted surrounding villages and under the Community Development Scheme con ducts short term courses in the trades of Motor Mechanic, Machining, Turning, Carpentry, Welding, Radio & T.V repair, Motor Winding & Plumbing etc. free of cost, for the rural youths to make them fit to earn their livelihood. Organizing blood donation camp through NGOs is a regular feature. Students visit the villages to promote awareness on health, hygiene as well as on the importance of literacy under National Service Scheme.

To give the scheme a further boost, the Vidyapeeth has set up Rural Technology D evelopment Centre in collaboration with the Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development (CTSD), a scientific wing of NGO Adarsh Samaj Sahayog Samiti (Regd) for the benefit of farmers and the villagers.

The Centre works for implementation of viable tec hnology for poverty alleviation. It provides common platform for scientists, technologists, and other stakeholders. The Centre has taken up Rural Technology Development Programmes in the field of Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, Health and Sani tation with a view to improve the quality of life of rural masses. The Centre also organizes training/awareness Programmes , Workshops, Seminars and Conferences related to its aims and objectives.

Scholarships / Freeships

In conformity with its aims and objectives, the Vidyapeeth awards scholarship to the meritorious students and free ship to the students belonging to the weaker section of the Society. The Vidyapeeth has also introduced, Tuition Fee Waiver scheme for Women, Economically Backwards , Physically Handicapped and meritorious students.

Student's Welfare Fund

Lingaya's Vidyapeeth has created a Welfare Fund for students with seed money of Rs. 25.0 lac to meet the expenditure incurred by students due to unfortunate and unavoidab le contingencies, during their stay in the Vidyapeeth.

The Student Welfare Fund also takes care of a student's entire tuition fee in an unfortunate event of the student losing his/her bread earning parent during the course of his/her study.

Faculty & Staff Welfare Schemes

LIC of India's Group Gratuity Cash Accumulative Scheme

This scheme is applicable to the faculty and staff of the Lingaya's Vidyapeeth, Faridabad. Under this scheme an employee shall be paid 15 days salary (15/26 of a month's wage) for every completed year of service on their exit, for any reason after 5 years of continuous service. The employee is also provided Insurance cover up to a maximum of Rs.3.5 lac depending upon his/her age and salary etc.

LIC of India"s of Employees Deposit Link Insurance (EDLI) Scheme & Employee Group Insurance Scheme (EGI):

This Scheme is applicable to all Staff member who are covered under Employees Provident Fund. Under the Scheme the employee who is the member of Employee Provident Fund continu es to be the member of EPF but he/she has additional insurance cover of LIC.

In the event of death of an employee (member of EPF) in service, insurance amount payable is equivalent to the last 12 months average balance in the EPF account of the member under the LIC Scheme every employee is allowed a flat cover of Rs. 81000/ -

LIC of India"s Group Superannuation Cash Accumulation Scheme In Conjunction With Group Insurance:

This Scheme is applicable to the teaching faculty. This is a self contributory Scheme. The employee is required to contribute 5% of his/her basic salary + DA. On retirement the member shall get commuted value (equivalent to 1/3 of the corpus) which is tax free and also pension as per option on the basis of remaining corpus amount after providing for commuted value. The contribution made by the employee qualifie s for Income Tax rebate under section 80C of Income Tax Act. The employee also has an Insurance cover up to maximum of Rs.3.00 Lac depending upon his/her age and for this insurance cover the premium is paid every year by the Vidyapeeth . In case an employe e leaves in between he/she gets back his/her contribution paid along with the interest accrued after completing the necessary formalities.

LIC of India"s Group Saving Linked Insurance Scheme:

This scheme is applicable to both teaching as well as other staff of the Vidyapeeth. This scheme has two components; namely (i) saving amount and (ii) risk amount. In case of faculty the risk amount is paid by Vidyapeeth while in case of supporting staff drawing salary below Rs. 11500/ - , total amount is paid by un iversity.

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