B.Voc Fashion Courses:

  • Couture Design
  • Communication Design
  • Spatial Planning and Design
  • Fashion Business Management

About the Courses:

Couture Design:

The Couture Design Programme encourages students to explore their unique ideas and experiences by inculcating a wide range of artistic and technical skills. A diverse array of teaching and learning strategies are used to effectively impart knowledge and skills pertaining to the Couture Design ecosystem. Students discover the trail from yarn to fabric and how to manipulate materials to develop interesting surfaces and textures. They learn advanced tools and techniques of design, material manipulation and product detailing. By the end of the course they are able to showcase their creativity, individual style and aesthetics and become confident designers.

Communication Design:

The Communication Design programme is delivered through an interesting amalgamation of project work, group work, lectures, seminars and assignments. Students learn to create compelling messages from concept stage to final form by using appropriate language, visuals, moving images and digital experiences. The communication design programme exposes students to all the fields that fall within the domain. This makes the students multidisciplinary thinkers.

Spatial Planning and Design:

The course provides a multi-disciplinary approach to transforming existing spaces and places. The programme focuses on examining existing structures and transforming their interior through relevant design interventions and renovations. A deep understanding of the Built Environment, it’s fundamental principles and economics, along with technical aspects of services and construction lie at the core of the programme.

Fashion Business Management:

The Fashion Business Management programme has been designed to help students diagnose fashion trends and retail consumer cycle in light of social, technological, political and economic influences. While working on multiple projects and case studies, students get valuable insights into product sourcing, product costing and pricing, facets integral for profitably sustaining a mammoth industry such as Fashion.

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